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Lanyards serve many purposes.

Lanyards can be made from materials similar as beads, cord, polyester, nylon or cotton. They are used to store items such as identification badges, keys, drinking water bottles or accessories. Lanyards may be custom made using numerous materials or purchased from a provider. The lanyards made out of nylon or cotton arrive from many different designs also colors. Lanyards can be long sufficient to put on around your neck plus hang down or small enough to slip all over your wrist.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:

1 1/2 yards every ultra suede tape — two colors
Essential ring
16-feet regarding plastic lace — double colors 8-feet each
Jar holder kit
16 pony beads
Athletics ball beads
Cable cutters
Crimp beads


1 Make an “X” with two bits regarding different color ultra suede. Type two small loops with the bottom color.

3 Pull jointly all four ends of the suede to create the weave. Repeat until you include in regard to 4 inches or 5 inches of lanyard.

4 Attach the key ring to the loop at one closure regarding the lanyard. Tie the closures collectively and clip away any extra suede.

1 Reduce two 4-feet pieces of plastic lace, one regarding each color. Attach and tie them to the metal swivel piece in the bottle-holder package so that the identical colors are opposite of each other.

2 Fold the first strand above the contrary part, leaving a small loop. Fold the 3rd strand to the opposite side leaving extra small loop.

3 Weave the next strand over the third strand plus underneath the initial strand. Weave the fourth strand above the initial strand and below the third strand. Pull each strand, creating the braid. Continue this procedure until you have achieved the desired length of the side. Connect the end in a knot.

5 Repeat the previous steps to create other braid for the additional part regarding the bottle. When the two sides are finished, link one finish of each braid to a single of the openings near the bottle and the other conclusion to the metal ring on the top.

Name Badge

1 Cut the desired length regarding wire being used for the lanyard. Tie any knot on the end of the wire great enough for the beads to stay on, leaving approximately 5 to 6 inches by the end to attach the clasp.

2 String beads onto the wire creating a design or pattern. Put on as quite a few beads as it takes to cover the whole length about the wire. Tie extra knot at the conclusion leaving 5 to 6 inches of wire to attach the clasp.

3 Link the clasp onto the ends and utilize the wire cutters to lower off any extra wire. Clip the clasp jointly and string over your neck.

4 Attach your name badge to the lanyard.


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