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Custom-made men’s rings can be elegant and expressive.

Custom-made rings can be the excellent accessory with men who like to express ourselves inside subtle ways, and for those who just take pleasure in wearing something that no single otherwise has. Rings can announce a lot about a man, from his family life also organizational participation to his aims, accomplishments and personality. When designing and building a man’s ring, you absolutely want to know what generates him happy so that is you can incorporate those qualities to your design.



things you’ll need:

Internet or local custom jewelry maker

1 Select the metal or metals you need as the foundation for your ring. Silver, gold, bright gold, platinum plus titanium are the most common metals used for rings. Determine if a matte or brushed finish will attain the appear you need, or if a normal polished shine is extra his style.

2 Decide on a form he likes and a single that will permit him to put on the ring during his ordinary daily activities. You may prefer any consistent band or one that has a raised round or rectangular face. Get images of any symbols, logos or organizational seals that you would like to include into the style, and conserve them as .jpeg files on your computer or any flash drive to share in your jeweler whilst you location your custom order.

4 Find a local or online jeweler that makes rings to customer specifications. Many online wedding ring retailers that build women’s engagement rings also allow you to construct men’s rings. Give them all of the details of your design also acquire a price tag quote from 2 or 3 diverse jewelers before committing to one.

Tips & Warnings

Get his ring size to ensure some proper in shape, and include any special note engraved on the within about the band once the ring is finished.
Make sure he doesn’t maintain all allergies or sensitivities to the metals you select.


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