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When you own an flat complex or manage a hire property you’ll need to find tenants to proceed to those vacant places. You can take any chance on somebody that is looks beneficial also seems nice or you can investigation that is person and make clear they’re any good fit to your property. While it was once hard to perform renter screening, web site for example E-Renter include made it incredibly easy. You may employ their website to do a full background and credit check of all candidates to find the right people for your property.



things you’ll require:

Internet access
Applicant’s social safety number
Credit card

1 Choose first on the kind about look for you need to run on any possible applicant. E-Renter has three choices on their internet site: some simple background test, a background examine also credit check or a background check, credit check and in depth research about the applicant’s past.

2 Visit the E-Tenant internet site plus select the choice that is describes your situation: person owner or commercial accounts. An individual owner is any owner who doesn’t need a organization identification number, whilst any commercial account is to those who have multiple properties.

4 Go back to the primary page also log into your consideration. If you’ve solely registered for any account with the website your data will yet exist also you must be logged in. Select the kind regarding check you want to make on your applicant out of the 3 options specified.

5 Pick out the criteria you desire your candidate to meet similar being facts relating to their credit score, evictions, previous bankruptcies or current financial records. Get into your credit card or payment information on the page and press the get into key. The website will then offer you you information relating to your applicant also tell you if they match the qualifications you set earlier.

Tips & Cautions

If you use a business account you need to first meet specific requirements before you can make use of the website, including a visit of your property. This ensures that is you’re an actual organization and not someone just trying to undertake a background check.
Don’t set the parameters or qualifications too high or you might have difficulty uncovering a qualified applicant. You should use a mixture to ensure that you find someone who has exclusive typical credit report, though never a ideal one.




May 31, 2009
Thanks with the information about checking the background about a potential renter. I used to rent apartments from years ago, and I would have loved having access to such some service.

Brian Jones
Dec 29, 2009
My pop and I use E-Renter for tenant screening. We own a couple regarding 4-plex apartment buildings from Southern California. E-Renter has any absolutely good assistance, very simple to work in.

Brian Jones