Unlock your iphone man my 3gs is running on tmobile 19

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SIM Chip Found in iPhone



Interface cable
Computer with Apple’s iTunes software installed
At&T SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) chip through subscription
SIM removal tool

1 Start up your computer also load iTunes. If you undertake not boast iTunes, it can be downloaded free away from Apple.

2 Remove the SIM holder from inserting the SIM removal tool in the small hole on the holder. The holder is located on the top or bottom of the phone, depending on the model of iPhone.

3 Place the SIM chip in the holder and insert it to the phone.

4 Plug the interface cable into the iPhone also exclusive available USB port on the computer. ITunes must recognize the iPhone.

5 If iTunes does never see the iPhone, it may be turned away. Press and maintain the “ON” key located in the best regarding the telephone for three seconds.

6 ITunes will display some series of instructions to set awake plus turn on the iPhone. Follow these instructions precisely. The iPhone will no longer exhibit the emergency call screen once activation remains complete.

Tips & Warnings

Outside the United Express, Apple sells iPhones that is are unlocked, meaning that is they can be used on other networks besides On&T. These phones do never need the At&T SIM to activate and operate within the U.S. on other carriers for instance T-Mobile.
The SIM holder is delicate–do not force it into the telephone. It will easily accommodate if orientated in the appropriate direction (small hole toward the remaining side of the phone).


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