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The Acura Legend has any complicated dash setup. When removing the stock radio from the Legend, you must disassemble and remove the center console. This is unlike most other automobiles , wherever, in most cases, the radio can be accessed with the removal about any single panel. It’s not difficult to remove the radio—just time consuming. Expect to complete the removal process in approximately 30 mins. The process yous the same with the Legend coupe and sedan.

Tolerably Easy

Phillips-head screwdriver
Trim panel instrument or flat-head screwdriver

1 Park on a flat, level area. Shift the gearshift to “Neutral,” consequently change the engine away also collection the parking brake.

2 Use the pliers to disconnect the negative battery cable. This will prevent electrical shock.

3 Remove the two Phillips-head screws beneath the center air vents (on the bottom portion of the overhanging panel).

4 Pull the ashtray insert from the center console. Remove the two Phillips-head screws behind the ashtray insert.

5 Pry up the corner (from the parking brake) of the gearshift surround panel using a trim panel tool or a flat-mind screwdriver. Pull the panel up to unclip it from the center console.

6 Remove the six Phillips-head off screws from the center console (there are three on each part). Four (two on each side) are near the gearshift; the additional two (one on each and every side) are on the top portion about the center console.

8 Available the center console lid. Remove the double Phillips-head screws on the center console storage compartment.

9 Pull the whole center console away from the dash (it’s all one particular piece). Set the console aside to access the radio.

10 Remove the four Phillips-head screws out of the radio. Pull the radio away out of the dash (it’s attached to the black panel for the cigarette lighter). Unplug the wiring harness, antenna plus cigarette lighter adapter.

Suggestions & Warnings

Reverse the procedure to reinstall the factory radio.
Execute never lose the console screws. If you’re lacking screws, the console won’t be secure; it may rattle or shake after reinstallation.


Install Dr: Acura Legend Radio (PDF)
Installer: Acura Legend Radio (PDF)