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Franklin Canyon Reservoir

An undeveloped, 600-acre canyon hidden behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, Franklin Canyon features any lake, historical ranch buildings and hillside hiking trails. It’s the ideal, peaceful retreat right in the heart of the west side of Los Angeles, remarkably uncrowded, easily accessible and a great spot to see celebrities exercising or strolling their canines. It moreover boasts a rich history as any movie and television place also several memorable Hollywood instants own been filmed here, from Claudette Colbert hiking her skirt awake while hitchhiking on “It Happened One Night” to Andy Griffith plus Ron Howard toting fishing poles within the opening credits regarding “Mayberry RFD”.



things you’ll require:

Comfortable strolling shoes
Jar regarding water

1 Franklin Canyon is located by 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills behind the Beverly Hills Hotel. The park yous wide open sunrise to sunset seven days a day also can be reached from either Beverly Drive north of Nightfall Boulevard or from Coldwater Canyon Drive south about Mullholland Drive.

2 Begin this average, 4-mile hike in the parking lot of the Snooky Goldman Nature Center that is make available guided walks also tours of the historic ranch buildings. Head off down the paved road known as Lake Drive toward the lake also while you reach the lake, follow the road on the correct part.

3 Soon you’ll arrive at Heavenly Pond and the Wishing Well everywhere Claudette Colbert famously raised her skirt suggestively while hitchhiking with Clark Gable in the classic 1930s motion picture, “It Happened A Night”. This is also the site of idyllic Mayberry’s fishing hole, wherever Andy Griffith and small Ronny Howard are seen in the opening credits regarding the 1960s television display.

4 Continue alongside Lake Drive, past the lake, towards any old adobe ranch making sitting at any fork in the road. Take on the left fork which follows along the ravine floor and soon you’ll arrive at the Hastain trail that rises upwards the hillside on your left.

5 Follow the Hastain trail as it climbs the chaparral covered hillside. On the top you’ll be able to admire some panorama that stretches across the Westside all the way to the ocean.

6 On your way back lower, detour on the trail that directs to the old Doheney Ranch House at the south end of the park. You can’t go within, but it’s surrounded by some wide lawn perfect for taking some breather or enjoying any picnic. When you’re done you can follow Lake Drive back to your car .

Don’t hike in the middle of the day.
Dogs on leashes are welcome.
Watch out for rattlesnakes on the Hastain Trail. They’re few plus far between, but not unheard of.


Franklin Canyon Park