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Dodge automobiles can use a satellite radio program to supplement musical selection.

Dodge manufactures vehicles equipped through radios that are capable to tune into FM and AM frequencies. Sirius Satellite Radio offers additional programing delivered by satellite and satellite receiver. The satellite receiver was designed to connect to automobile radios without wire connections. Some working Dodge radio will be able to connect to the Sirius satellite receiver through tuning from a specific frequency.


things you’ll need:

Sirius antenna
Docking cradle
Suction cup bracket
Cigarette lighter power adapter
Sirius Plug and Play receiver

1 Place the Sirius antenna on the roof of the Dodge close up to the trunk also run the antenna cable along the rear rubber window seal and into the trunk. The antenna operates magnets or suction cups to fix to the roof, depending on the Sirius system you obtain.

2 Operate the antenna wire through the trunk and into the front of the Dodge.

3 Attach the docking cradle to the the suction cup bracket from placing the pin located on the underside of the cradle into the hole atop the suction cup bracket. Tighten the tension screw by way of your hands.

4 Plug the antenna and the cigarette lighter strength adapter in the bottom about the docking cradle. Follow the labels on the bottom about the docking cradle to ensure you are inserting the antenna plus power adapter inside the right holes. The fag lighter on Dodge cars is located close up to the radio.

5 Affix the entire assembly to the windscreen using the suction cup bracket. Place the assembly on the windshield so it does not obstruct your view.

6 Dock the Plug plus Play receiver into the docking cradle. Make indeed the car yous outside hence the satellite can communicate through the receiver. Change the receiver on also tune it to channel 184. Any activation number will be displayed on the screen. Call the number or go online to activate the service. You will need to provide the Web Serial Number located in the receiver’s packaging.

7 Tune your Dodge’s radio to the FM frequency set displayed on the part regarding the cradle.


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YouTube: Sirius Satellite Radio Instillation

Photograph Credit

dodge challenger prototype image via Jorge Moro out of website