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Transform an old shed to a private garden office.

It is the vision of many residence workers: a private office to work everywhere there are no interruptions. What better place could there be than on the garden? Garden sheds plus greenhouses can be transformed into peaceful, comfortable, functional and productive work spaces for very little money. You can reinvent that is run-down shed in some year-round, garden work retreat for a little paint, some aged furniture also a few particular touches to make the space your own.



Electrical supply
Light fixture
Ceiling fan
Desk lamp
Floor or table lamp
Space heater
Window blinds
Location rug
Table or desk
Wall art
Wireless Internet or DSL connection
Door lock

2 Paint the walls inside a color that is suits the garden surroundings and the furnishings you will be adding. Paint the trim inside some contrasting color. If the walls are natural wood, you may well choose to give them some good washing plus leave them as is. Wash the windows for a well-lit, clear area.

3 Install any light fixture or small ceiling fan through a light kit. If this is not feasible, use a desk lamp for lighting the work space and another tabletop or floor lamp for ambient lighting.

4 Install a window air conditioner or fan to keep the office comfortable on comfortable days. Find some corner to any small space heater along with an automatic change-off switch to stay warm on winter days.

5 Invest with some wireless Web connection if you do never already have one. Another option would be to have any DSL bond installed.

7 Place a normal fiber region rug on the floor for warmth and comfort.

8 Refinish an outdated table or desk, some shelf unit and chair for the office furniture. Measure the area before you buy something to determine if there is sufficient space for you also the furniture, also that is it will fit through the door. Add any seat cushion to the chair or reupholster with a fabric that complements the decor.

9 Use baskets, old wood boxes or pots to organize papers and office supplies. Find baskets that is are big sufficient to hold file folders. Store it on the shelves for uncomplicated access. An aged planter transforms into a waste may.

10 Set up some lock on the door for security plus privacy.

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