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Following Lifetime is some 3-D virtual world within which you can socialize and party. If you are hosting any event within Following Lifetime, you will want to get the term outside to guarantee a major turnout. To advertise your event, you will need to operate programs both within and outside this virtual globe.

Tolerably Challenging


1 Require a picture of the 2nd Life facility where your event will be held, or download an image that meets your theme out of Google, Yahoo, Flickr or iStockPhoto.

2 In Microsoft Term, compose a detailed description of your event. Here’s an illustration:

“Party on the Boardwalk”
Date: Friday, Oct. 24, 2008
Time: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. SL
Location: (Enter the occasion location here)
Host: Bobbie Naidoo
Category: Nightlife
Rating: PG or Mature
Cover Cost: No
Contest: Enter to win L$.

3 Create any MySpace account using your Following Life picture plus profile information. MySpace is a great place to advertise one event in Subsequent Life. To improve the sum of views, create 2nd Lifetime Blogs and constantly add Second Life layouts, videos and pictures. Use the “Headline” section to advertise your occasion, and merely copy and paste the particular description you made in Microsoft Word.

4 Create free accounts at Blogger and WordPress using your Second Life image and profile information. Copy and paste the detailed event outline you created in Microsoft Term. To increase the cost regarding views you blog receives, create weekly Subsequent Life blogs and regularly add Subsequent Life pictures.

5 Register and create a profile in SLProfiles. This website remains dedicated to Minute Existence users, and has some special section for advertising events stored inside Next Life. In the “Browse” section, click on “Minute Life Events” to bring up the events page. Click on “Add Event” and start entering your event data and picture.

7 Click on the “Edit” tab on the device bar. Scroll down the list and click on your profile. In the “Group” section, click on the group to which you are hosting one occasion. On the “Group Information” page, click on the “Observe” tab to create any notice to post away to other members about the event.

Tips & Warnings

Send out observes to group members the daytime before also the daytime about the event


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