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You can use the Lowrance X96 to help you find fish.

The Lowrance X96 is a model about fish-finder that you can install in your boat or operate from a dock to assist you get the edge you require to haul on any big catch. This model regarding fish-finder apply sonar technology to quickly and accurately locate fish under the water to make certain that the record fish won’t get away out of your hook. By using the controls on this gadget, you can tune it to operate at highest efficiency.

Moderately Easy


2 Quit the motorboat when you reach the area that is you want to fish in. As the fishing boat sits still or moves at a low pace together with a trolling car, the device will send out sonic waves to begin detecting fish. You may press the “ZIN” and “ZOUT” buttons to change the zoom on the screen and move on on a express area.

3 Appear for animated arches on the screen that represent fish. These arches will appear on the screen at the depth plus relative location to your motorboat. When you experience located several fish, toss in your line plus reel to the approximate depth of the the fish.

4 Press the “Menu” key to access the fish-finder’s menu screen. Press the “Down” arrow to progress to the “Depth Cursor” choice and press “Fine.” These days pressing the “Up” and “Down” arrows will adjust the depth cursor, letting you tune the device to some fish arch on the screen. Whilst you have adjusted the cursor, you will see the approximate depth of the fish arch you are tuned to, giving you some added accurate reading about how far the fish is underneath your motorboat.

5 Press the “Strength” button at any spare time to turn the device off.


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