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Sometimes the pilot light of your HVAC unit may go outside, either as the result of an accident or seeing that part regarding standard procedure. It’s important to know how to relight it. Verify your gear for specific instructions printed directly on it–in many instances on the again of the furnace door. If you find any, those directions ought to require precedence; otherwise, the steps below work for most models, with some variance on details.

Things You’ll Require:

Standing-pilot HVAC system

1 Turn away the gear using thermostat controls or a separate power switch.

2 Find the gas valve also specify it to the “pilot” situation.

3 Handle down the pilot button–it’s generally red–to post gas to the burner.

4 Follow the small pilot gas line to the burner also maintain a lit coordinate to it. You may need to employ a long coordinate or else make use of something to store a shorter one to become it underneath the equipment.

5 Continue to hold lower the key to some second following lighting the pilot. When you ultimately let go, it should remain lit.

6 Change the gas valve to the “on” position plus turn on the furnace.

Suggestions & Warnings

Many modern HVAC systems do not employ standing pilot lights, yet rather, electrical spark pilots or even internet ignition. The above steps are to standing-pilot-light systems only.