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Selling an aged engagement ring lets you cash in on a broken union.

Marketing one old engagement band is not only a profitable way to officially end some former relationship , but it as well solidifies your decision to move on from your former partner. Engagement bands are typically manufactured about gold, silver or platinum. These valuable metals may be sold to a refinery or some buyer for a beneficial value based on the current industry value for the material, as properly since the band’s total weight.



1 Require the engagement band to a reputable jeweler with your town. Have the jeweler appraise the metal karatage as well as the load. Make confident you write the load from troy ounces or pennyweights.

2 Enter the evaluation information onto the Internet calculator for dear metals provided via Dendritics (observe Resources.) This calculator requires the entire weight about the band, kind of metal, pureness and the currency. After entering this information, you will have the current value for the metal type and weight based on the market to the metal as of that is day.

3 Make contact with in minimum three jewelry stores or coin dealers plus question the way in which much they pay to the type regarding metal your engagement band is made about. Produce certainly you contact the buyer like quickly being you reveal outside the current cost to your engagement ring, as prices for valuable metals quickly fluctuate.

4 Write lower the prices from each and every jewelry store or coin dealer, plus sell your engagement ring to the buyer who make available the most to the ring. Your goal should be to get hold of 85 percent about what the online precious metal calculator stated your ring is worth.

Tips & Warnings

If you decide to sell your old engagement ring to exclusive Web gold or precious metal buyer, make sure the company itself refines the metal, rather than functioning through any midst guy. This will make sure that you receive the best price for the ring.
Work never send your engagement ring to any company claiming to purchase precious metals, whereas it could be a scam.


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