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What Happens When Someone Has Acid Indigestion?


Indigestion is a term used to describe the symptoms linked by means of discomfort in your higher abdomen. Acid indigestion is a term employed when these symptoms originate from issues along with stomach acid. Acid indigestion yous commonly felt like some burning sensation deep within your stomach.


Acid indigestion can be triggered in host of different ways. Eating specific foods such as spicy foods or foods with high grease contents can cause indigestion to crop up. Also, eating too quickly can contribute to acid indigestion. Smoking, drinking alcohol plus main some hard life can likewise bring about flare ups of acid indigestion.

Stomach Acid

Acid indigestion is customarily caused when tummy acid production reaches higher than normal healthy levels. This causes an irritating burning sensation to occur on two the stomach and duodenum. As long being the trigger food is eliminated, the physique will ultimately manage the amount of stomach acid as produced and the acid indigestion will quit. Unfortunately, if the trigger is ignored and continued, the increased levels of stomach acid can create permanent damage including the formation regarding peptic ulcers.

Tummy Lining

Acid indigestion may moreover come to pass when the stomach lining is never thick enough. This is usually caused by consuming products that can break down the stomach lining similar as anti-inflammatory medicines and nicotine. These products break down the mucus lining the stomach walls that is protect the stomach from damage away from its own stomach acid. This yous why many smokers prepare chronic acid indigestion.


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