Motovun is a place in the heart of Istria. The medieval small town thront 277 meters over the sea on a mountain highly over the valley. The old part of town surrounds still the original wall from 13. and 17. Century. A second, later built wall protected the outside settlements. A gate in a tower from that 15. Century leads from the under to the upper city. Today about 590 people in Motovun live (once approx.. 5000).

How to get to Motovun

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Motovun is far away visible by the hill situation and facilitates orientation. The city lies between the E 751 and Buzet. The penalty from Buzet to the coastal towns hold in the lower part of town.

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History of Motovun

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Already to illyrischer time Motovun represented a kind escape castle. The old town centre is kept complete and from accessible walls from 13. and 14. Jh. surround. In the Middle Ages Motovun belonged just like Pazin to pore? and only under venezianischer rule one developed. Two – beyond the national borders – well-known sons of the city are Josef Ressel and Mario Andretti: Ressel Josef was born on 19 June 1793 in Chrudim (Boehmen). Around better training too received visited it the High School in Linz, which it went off with honor. Subsequently, it served university in the army and studied thereafter two years to the Viennese technical-scientific fan. As a scholarship holder it could do the two-year k.u.k. Academy of forestry to Mariabrunn with Vienna complete and began then its service as Distrikt foerster in Unterkrain. Further obligations led it after Laibach/Ljubljana, Triest, Motovun and Venice. Apart from its occupation Ressel found time and means to be concerned with numerous technical ideas all in front with the application of the Archimedean screw to the marine engine. These wooden snails are today still occasional in the Near East and in Egypt for water transport and irrigation of fields and fields in enterprise. The Archimedes principle served it as basis for the invention of the marine propeller. Josef Ressel is today well-known as a father of the marine propeller, but it dozens of inventions made: e.g. a pneumatic delivery system (such pneumatic delivery systems were installed later in all large European cities for mailing), ball bearing or a method for soap production. Josef Ressel deceased on 9 October 1857 in loaf oh. Inventor Josef Ressel Archimedean screw Marine propeller, invented by it house with commemorative plaque. Mario Andretti was born on 28 February 1940 in Motovun, emigrated however at the age of 19 years with its parents into the USA. As American author drivers count to its largest successes above all 1969 the victory with the Indianapolis 500, as well as 1984 the profit of the CART championship. Further it won with the Daytona 500 and is thereby the only driver born in Europe, who this succeeded. The high point of its running driver career was then the profit of the Formel1- 1978. Although it terminated 1994 its professional career in IndyCar racing, it pulled it in the following years always again after Le Mans, since it became at the 24 hours so far only runner-up there (1992). it drove a car to 2003 with the qualification for the Indy 500 in the team of its son Michael Andretti, which involved a multiple estimate, which it survived however fortunately intactly. This travel was however, so paradoxically this to sound likes, again times a high point of its career, there it now with 38 years professional experience (1965-2003) the record owner A. J. Foyt (1957-1992), officiating up to then, final and for all time in the shade placed.

What to see in Motovun

A wall walk is recommendable in each case, of where one can catch a grandiosen view of the surrounding countryside

old part of town-By outside town-gate with the stone coats of arms to the urban history one arrives into the old part of town. Behind the gate one finds equal an art gallery (Lipovna art gallery & museum). A prospect pavilion, the former city loggia, grants to one also equal the first fantastic view of the hill down. By second town-gate leads the way into the internal castellet and to the Trg Andrea Antico, which is designated after the istrian painter and composer (1470-1540). Because of the beautiful main place Motovuns are the distinguished hotel castellet, the post office and the parish church sports association Stjepan.

to sports association Stjepan- The late Renaissance church became at the beginning 17. Ct. builds and captivates by the marble altar of (F. Bonazza) and the painting “the holy communion” from Stefano Celestio. The church Sveti Stjepan, from early 17. Ct., developed after plans of the venezian architect Andrea Palladio. The accompanying bell tower, a landmark Motovuns from venezian 13. Ct.

Excursions in the region of Motovun

Istarske Toplice toward Buzet, an oak forest (Motovuner forest) is appropriate for 10 km from Motovun far away, which encloses the most well-known therapeutic bath Istriens (Istarske Toplice). Already in that Antique ones were used the local thermal source and are to work wonders. 1873 were examined the bath even by tri ester chemists and awarded from now on to the rare salts a welfare effect

Zamask One reaches Zamask from Motovun toward Butoniga artificial lake on a small highway. Zamansk is mentioned since the year 1177. Once those led Austrian – venezian border by the village. At the north wall in the church pc. Michael is a glagolitic inscription from the year 1576. Under Zamask the church pc. Maria Magdalena with murals is from the year around 1400 with glagolitic inscriptions. From here one has a beautiful view of Motovun and the whole middle Istria. This prospect is not so far registered in the maps Istrian.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Motovun

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Where to eat in Motovun

Konoba Taverna Motovun

Restoran Mondo

Restoran Hotela Kaštela

Where to stay in Motovun

Rooms Valentino Motovun


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Nightlife and entertainment in Motovun

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Cultural events in Motovun

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