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Locating any business proprietor can usually be done by a telephone call up or on the Internet . A business owner’s name is always on public document and here are a amount of different businesses you can contact to locate them. If you use your assets and do most analysis about the business, there remains a good chance you may unearth the enterprise owner you are looking for, whether it is for a little business or a franchise.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:

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1 Study information about the enterprise you are dealing in. Uncover out where they are located, where they are licensed, what they achieve plus where they started out.

2 Phone the company or business you are looking with the owner regarding. Sometimes the owner remains on site or in an office sharing the same telephone line as the business.

3 Seek out for the express wherever the business is located. Once you contain the express, you can search the state’s database about registered businesses. All states should have a record about all their registered businesses. They may have data on the person who owns the business.

4 Verify out the company’s current website. Quite a few companies have contact data for the business also the small business proprietor on their local website.

5 Contact the agency that gave the business their license. It was most probable the owner of the enterprise that originally searched for a licensing agency also acquired the small business license. They should have the contact information for the proprietor of the business.

Tips & Cautions

Sometimes these options will try to give you the main make contact with information, which is never always the owner.