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Any Macrovision remover decodes the indicate accordingly that it might be recorded.

Macrovision is a reliability feature placed on VHS tapes to prevent unapproved duplication and piracy, hence DVD recorders will not record any DVD from a resource found to be protected by Macrovision. If you would not unlike to file a VHS secure by way of Macrovision, you need to decode the Macrovision using a Macrovision remover. You must in no way remove Macrovision or copy materials that is you do not own, as doing thus is illegal.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:

1 Plug one closure of the RCA audio cables into the red and white RCA audio-output jacks on the rear about the VCR. Plug the other conclusion into the audio input of the Macrovision remover. If the Macrovision remover does not own an audio input, plug the other closure in the RCA audio input on the rear regarding the DVD recorder.

2 Plug the RCA or S-Video cable into the video output on the rear of the VCR. Plug the other finish of the RCA or S-Video cable into the movie-input jack on the Macrovision remover.

3 Plug particular closure of the second audio RCA cable in the audio output of the Macrovision remover. Plug the other closure of the audio RCA cables into the rear of the DVD recorder. If the Macrovision remover does not contain audio inputs and outputs, you can ignore this step.

4 Plug one end of the RCA or S-Movie cable in the output of the Macrovision remover, next plug the additional conclusion into the RCA or S-Video input on the rear of the DVD recorder.

6 Press “File” on the DVD recorder, in that case press “Play” on the VCR to transform the safe and sound VHS tape to DVD.


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