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Any number of ISPs proposal satellite Online from Tasmania, such as SkyMesh, Activ8me, Bluemaxx, Apparent Networks, OptusNet, Telstra BigPond, Westnet plus more. If you have satellite Net broadband installed at home or on your workplace, but you’re not certainly whether you’re getting the appropriate velocity for what you spend, you may method it using a speed-testing website.

Moderately Easy


1 Go to the web site Oz Speed Check (see “Resources “). On this internet site, click the link that is says, “ADSL, ADSL2+, Wireless, Satellite, Wire Check (3MB).” The website will start some speed test on any popup window, and will show you the current pace of your broadband satellite Internet.

2 Check the pace on the website Zdnet (visit “Resources”). When you go to the website, choose your location from the list, for instance “On household,” “At work,” “In school” or other. The website will run a test and show you the results.

3 Verify the velocity on the Pc Community Australia website (see “Means”). Whenever you go to the internet site, click the “Begin Test” button, and you will see the speed test results inside any few seconds.


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