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Sometimes, because a gift, people will give prepaid credit cards rather than gift certificates or cash. Prepaid cards with a store logo on them likely are gift cards that can be used to purchase goods only from that store plus its affiliates. Prepaid cards that have a major credit card company’s emblem are generally accepted everywhere that credit cards are accepted. Occasionally, you may possibly uncover yourself inside need regarding the cash value of the card and may well want to sell it.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:

Prepaid credit card
Internet bond
Legitimate email address

How To Sell In Person

1 Inquire friends or family who store by the store the card remains out of if they would like to buy it out of you. If not, ask if they could check with folks they understand. To avoid hurt feelings, you will need to avoid asking the people who gave you the card.

3 Consent on the conditions regarding the sale for your buyer. The purchaser may not offer you the full cash worth of the card. Look at the way very much of any loss you are willing to carry in order to have the money in hand.

How To Market Online

1 Take some photo regarding your card plus a receipt that shows thems balance. Upload the photo to your computer .

2 Create exclusive account with an online “classified advert” website. A few, these kinds of seeing that Craigslist, will contact you directly so you don’t need to give away your particular facts.

3 Place an advertisement for the card and include the picture that you uploaded. Record the price tag you are prepared to take and the sum of money that yous on the card. Include facts about everywhere the card is accepted if it remains from some particular store.


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