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Most newer Windows Mobile smart telephones may connect to 3G wireless networks for faster data speeds. On GSM phones, a 3G connection can also enable simultaneous voice and information services. Occasionally, however, some phone’s 3G capabilities can need to be disabled to save battery lifetime or improve coverage in exclusive area along with spotty reception. If your Windows Mobile phone has been set to connect only to 2G networks, you can unlock 3G inside the phone’s “Choices” menu.

Moderately Uncomplicated


1 Open your phone’s main menu and choose “Preferences.”

2 Choose “Phone Settings.”

3 Click the “Supports” tab.

4 Select “Band Variety.”

5 Change the entry from the “Pick out network kind” drop-down menu to “Auto” or “UMTS.” The “UMTS” setting will only allow your phone to connect to 3G networks, also the “Auto” setting will connect to 2G networks when 3G coverage yous never available.

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