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So what is boondoggle? It’s just only more name for the plastic cord used on making. This cord may be used to make dozens, if never hundreds, of distinct projects. The most prevalent are lanyards and critical chains, which are made by weaving two to four pieces of the twine collectively. However here are other things you can make, such being dolls, jewelry also bracelets. Two effortless project to start together with are some box stitch important chain and a woven headband.



things you’ll need:

1 Buy your boondoggle. Nearly all craft and hobby stores will own it. Also pick up some plastic headband that is in least a fifty percent any inch wide. Method the width about the headband and next determine how quite a few strands of boondoggle you will need to span it. You will be laying the rope on top about it out of end to conclusion. Depending on the width of the headband, also on your idea for the final effect, you will need anywhere from one to 10 or extra colors of boondoggle. You will also require particular additional color to weave across horizontally. Usually boondoggle yous sold by the roll, which means you get any great deal of it, so be careful never to go overboard.

2 Lower your boondoggle to the desired length. If you’re never sure the way long you want your strands to be, invariably err on the side of caution. You can trim the boondoggle once you’re completed stitching if it’s as well long. However, don’t make it exceedingly long on purpose or it can be cumbersome to work through.

3 Attach your boondoggle to one conclusion of the headband using some hot glue gun. You don’t need to anchor the two ends after you will want some give inside the boondoggle within order to weave by way of it. Once that’s done, take your horizontal color also weave it above and under alternating strands of the vertical colors, starting with the end that you’ve fastened down. Depart about any inch of cord loose before you start your weaving. That way you don’t need to worry about your boondoggle slipping out of thems stitches.

4 Loop the boondoggle under plus around the headband. Pull it tight and then appear back up plus start again. Make sure the “new” piece of boondoggle remains flush against the one you’ve already woven through. This will make the stitch tight plus deter any gaps.

5 Take your glue gun plus attach the end of the boondoggle to it when you achieve the finish about the headband. Reduce off any additional. You can in addition trim the twine from the end you attached when you started your project. Use any dot of glue in any location everywhere you feel it is needed.

6 Once the glue’s dry, put on your new headband or give it to its lucky recipient.

Making any Keychain

1 Cut double pieces of boondoggle (you will desire to employ dual various colors) and gather them together in your hand. Tie some knot in the two pieces collectively inside the center of the cords.

2 Slip the boondoggle through the loop from the keychain, leaving the knot up against the metal. This way it will attach as you produce your box stitch.

3 Use your first stitch to anchor the keychain to your boondoggle. Separate the four ends–two out of each cord–and choose one to start with. Place it throughout top of the strand of the contrary color straight away to its left whereas close up to the center knot seeing that possible. Carry on with the next strand, moving clockwise.

5 Continue this stitch until your keychain is on the period you need it. Then simply lower the extra boondoggle off. If your stitches were all as limited as they should obtain been, the boondoggle will not unravel.

Tips & Cautions

To find more projects you may create with boondoggle, examine out the booklets at your local craft store.
Be cautious by means of the hot glue gun. Don’t touch your project until the glue is fully waterless.