If you are a fan of the Balkans and Croatia, you will in any way get involved with its history. Many changes have been happening throughout centuries leaving a turbulent mark on the whole region, as the latest Balkan wars have shown. Today Croatia is looking towards admission to the European Union, and given that the former warlord General Ante Gotovina will be handed over to the International Tribunal of The Hague, the doors for admission to the European Union are wide- open. Conflicts can be traced back to ancient times. Under the influences of the Romans and the Illyrians, it was a zone of conflict in Antiquity. The Venetians have taken their sphere of influence and gave over to the Austro- Hungarians, which since have been in conflict with the Turks in the Ottoman Empire. During World War II, Croatia was under strong influence of the Fascist regimes of Italia and Nazi Germany and then drifted, after the reign of Tito in times of Yugoslavia, into conflict with Serbia under Milosevic.

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