Health and Safety

Standards of public health in Croatia are good and drinking tap water will do you no harm. However, if you plan to spend time hiking in the mountains, it is recommended to consider being inoculated against thick-borne encephalitis.

For minor complaints contact a local pharmacy (ljekarna), in cities you can expect staff to speak some English. A rota system ensures one pharmacy is open during nights and weekends- for details see windows of pharmacies.

For serious health problems, consult the nearest hospital (bolnica or Klinicki Centar) or contact an ambulance et –94. For citizens from most EU countries, including the UK and Ireland, hospital treatment is free if you show your passport, nationals of other countries should check if there are reciprocal health agreements, or insure they have adequate insurance cover. Hospitals in Croatia are well equipped but sometimes you might have to buy your own drugs in case you need expensive western drugs.

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