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Jailbreak, Unlock, and Tether

Here’s how to upgrade, jailbreak, unlock and Tether your Iphone v3.0



3.0 firmware
computer with internet connection

1 Sync- make confident you sync your Iphone, whereas the 3.0 firmware will remove all the information and apps on your phone. After the upgrade you can re-sync the data and apps back to the Iphone.
Note: Apps added with Cydia or Installer will need to be reinstalled manually.

2 Download- You will want the following
Itunes 8.2
Iphone V3.0 Firmware (download through Itunes 8.2)
redsn0w (obtainable with web site)

3 Set up- You will be prompted to install the V3.0 update, click on update and delay for the course of action to complete.

While you are waiting, install redsn0w (the 3.0 jailbreak) by Extracting redsn0w-win_0.7 to C:\r

4 Jailbreak- Once your phone has been updated; it’s time to the Jailbreak. Position the 3.0 firmware update; the updates are stored from C:Documents and SettingsUsernameApplication DataApple PCiTunesiPhone Software Updates. Copy the file to c:
Take the firmware file and shed it onto redsn0w.exe
Verify the boxes to put in CYDIA also ICY.
Wait for some information to appear up saying please connect your iPhone into DFU mode. Then connect your iPhone to the computer if you haven’t already done so, and hold down
the Power also Home buttons with 10 sec. (If the apple screen arrives up you maintain gone too far)
Then allow go of the Power still hold holding onto the Home button. Hold it to at least 30 sec or till it reconnects to the computer.
Go to the Command Accordant window (from the start menu, pick run and type cmd also plus press get into.) When the command window comes awake, press get into

5 Unlock- now that you obtain updated your firmware also jailbroke your phone, it’s occasion for the Unlock.
Run Cydia or Icy
add the repo web site to Cydia or icy
Look for for ‘ultrasn0w’ in cydia or ICY and install, therefore reboot the Iphone.

6 Tether- If you now have a data unlimited plan, you can now use your Iphone as any 3g modem with your laptop. Here’s how
From your safari browser on the iphone, Navigate to website choose your carrier to download the file. Once downloaded run the file.
After the install reboot your phone, go to settings>general>network and turn on tethering. To tether, plug your Iphone’s USB cable inside your laptop. If you have bluetooth on your laptop, you can configure some bluetooth modem connection as well.

7 Final Steps- Nowadays that the IPHONE is updated, jailbroken also unlocked, it’s time to resync the phone to Itunes. You may want to review the sync choices in Itunes to insure your apps also data will be synced the way you’d like.
After Syncing your data and apps back to the Iphone, verify the APP Store application for updates, whereas many apps get been updated to work by means of 3.0.
If you had any Cydia applications, you can reinstall them using Cydia or ICY.
Ultimately, enjoy!

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