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Windows Live Messenger permits you to chat at once with your friends. You can moreover share images and videos or participate with live video chats. Changing your Windows Live key is easy. You may either follow a series regarding clicks that is guides you through the process or select the option to contact any consumer service representative, who will guide you.



1 Click on the Windows Live Messenger icon. Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the Warning In page. You will be directed to a page that will help you alter your symbol.

2 Click on “I Forgot My Password.” Click on “Reset Your Password.”

3 Enter your Windows Live ID, which is your e-mail address, from the marked box. Fill on the letters in the security image in the “Characters” box. Click on either “Security Question” or “Customer Assistance.” Clicking on “Security Question” will bring up the stability issue you picked when you first signed up for Windows Live Messenger, while clicking on “Customer Support” will put you inside speak to through a delegate who can steer you by means of the process.

4 Response the security issue. Type your new key in the provided box. A “Password Energy” bar rates the probable effectiveness of your new symbol. Enter your new key again in the “Retype New Password” box, consequently click “Next” to finished the process.



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