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According the American Heart Association, above 294,000 Americans knowledge sudden cardiac arrest. While most common within adults in coronary artery ailment, unexpected cardiac arrest may strike folks of all ages. Defibrillation, or restoring any pulse, can double the chance about survival in these cases. Automated external defibrillator (AED) machines are available inside many public places, including schools, recreation centers, senior centers, and hospitals. The American Heart Association offers documentation courses within cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and early defibrillation using an automated external defibrillator (AED).



things you’ll want:

AED device
Hair-removal tool
Towel or gauze

2 Verify person yous in cardiac arrest with no respiration, pulse, or consciousness. The American Heart Association express one AED should not be used on a person beneath eight years old. (Notice Reference 2) For all persons at least eight years outdated, location electrodes also operate the machine in the same fashion.

3 Turn on AED device by pushing the ON/Off button. Any mild will come on indicating the machine remains ready.

4 Prepare individual for electrode placement by placing him or her on the again on a hard surface, removing garments from the upper torso, removing excess hair from electrode sites, plus cleaning/drying the skin if it is dirty. Materials for cleaning the skin are not included in the AED kit. If you clean the skin together with water, waterless the skin fully together with a towel or gauze to stop risk of electrocution. Do not apply alcohol to the skin.

5 Apply electrodes firmly to the chest. Place the electrode marked by means of a heart or a and indicator (+) lateral to the left nipple on the remaining side underneath the arm. Location the other electrode on the higher suitable torso subsequent to the sternum underneath the collar bone.

6 Link the electrode cord to the AED machine. The device will exhibit a “Connect Electrodes” message until the cords are properly connected. (View Reference 2)

7 Follow screen messages and voice prompts from the AED machine. The machine will prompt you to “Stand Clear,” which means you must not touch the person, the AED device, or other items inside contact with the individual, these kinds of being clothing or bedding. Pursuing automatic analysis, the AED machine may prompt, “Shock Advised.” Consequently, it will prompt, “Stand Clear” and “Force To Shock.” After stunning once, the AED machine will analyze the person again.

8 Continue to follow prompts. Following analysis after the initial shock, it may prompt you to repeat the shock. If consequently, go back to Step 7. If it prompts “No Shock Advised,” it will prompt you to Examine With Pulse or

9 “Verify For Pulse” as prompted via the AED machine if the voice prompt states “No Shock Advised.”

10 Start CPR if the AED device prompts, “If No Pulse, Start CPR.” Following CPR, the machine will prompt you to “Test With Pulse.” At this level, repeat Steps 7 through 10 based on the AED machine prompts until crisis medical assist arrives.

Suggestions & Warnings

On very lean persons, contour the electrodes all over the ribs whenever pressing them inside place to promote good skin speak to. On overweight people or persons by great breasts, apply the electrodes to some flat area if possible.
Use of the AED machine on person with implanted pacemakers might lead to pacemaker malfunction. Electrodes should be placed away from the pacemaker if feasible.

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