Zaostrog is a place in the region of Split. Zaostrog is quaint little village right on the Makarska Riviera. It is only 35km southeast of Makarska. Most of the 350 residents are dedicated to olive growing, tourism, fishing and farming. The town is very historic with a part of the town being made of limestone.

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How to get to Zaostrog

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Here is Zaostrog located

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History of Zaostrog

The town was officially founded in 1494, but it is believed that humans inhabited the area as far back as prehistoric times. This proof was found when the granite handle quem was found in 1953. The handle dates back from the Stone Age. There is also evidence that the area was inhabited by the Illyrians, and is marked throughout the numerous cemeteries of the region.

This small sleepy village is surrounded by the Forrest of the Biokov and beautiful beaches where the forest ends. Zaostrog is the perfect place for that idyllic holiday.

What to see in Zaostrog

One of the most interesting monuments in this small town is St. Mary, the Franciscan monastery which was originally built in the 16th century, but not finished until the 17th century. The founders were the monks of St. Augustin, but when Bosnia fell in 1463, the monks had to abandon the project. Today St. Mary’s boasts a library with over 20,000 antique and historical volumes. The botanical gardens are known to have 250 different plant varieties brought from all over the world. This monastery is considered one of the most beautiful in the province, according to the Vatican, and some famous writers, and artists have resided here.

There are actually Three other churches located in the old town of Zaostrog that are also worth visiting:
• The Gothic Church of St. Barbara which has an old Roman cemetery
• St Roccus built in the 17th century
• The newr St Barbara built in 1872

Excursions in the region of Zaostrog

A truly outstanding feature of Zaostrog is its virginal, peaceful beaches, surrounded by the wonderful vegetation that grows in the foothills. These hills and vegetation make for great daily excursions, and there are some great attractions, like the Roman ruins that are dispersed throughout the wooded area.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Zaostrog

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Beaches in Zaostrog

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Where to eat in Zaostrog

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Where to stay in Zaostrog

Today Zaostrog is primarily tourist oriented. Most residents are are employed in one way or another by local hotels and restaurants and are very hospitable and friendly. . You shouldn’t have to worry about accommodations here, the town has room for more than 750 tourists, and can accommodate them in tourist residences, hotels, boarding houses, and there is a campsite near by that can accommodate another 600 people.

Nightlife and entertainment in Zaostrog

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Cultural events in Zaostrog

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