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Tupljak is a place in the region of Istria.

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How to get to Tupljak

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Here is Tupljak located

<googlemap lat="45.313529" lon="13.842773" zoom="7" controls="large" selector="yes" overview="yes" width="500" height="300">
45.2149,14.0931,Here is Tupljak. Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map.
Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map of Tupljak.

History of Tupljak

Tupljak is a settlement consisting of little selos named after many of the local families: Babići, Smilovići, Pavičevci, Karlići, Fonovići, Krištofići, Mandići, Tončetići, Kalčići, Valkovići.

In the middle ages the inhabitants of Tupljak was feudal serfs of nobility from nearby Pićan. Tupljak’s plain stretches across the former Raša lake and marshland which have been drained over the centuries.

Tupljak also had a proud tradition of coal mining which continued until 1998. At the time of its closing, the coal mine in Tupljak was the last coal mine in Croatia.

There are two churches located in Tupljak. One is named after the patron saint of the village, St. Bartholomew. This church was built in the 14th century and it is traditionally believed to have been brought down to its current location from Goretin, a hill some two kilometres away. The church contains wooden sculptures of St. Bartholomew, St. Sebastian and St. Roch and its sculptures are attributed to Krejik, a Czech from Prague. The church was restored in 1976.

The other church is named after St. Hadrian and is located in the local cemetery. At an altitude of 121 meters, it dominates the plane than extends to the former Raša lake. Built in 1796 on the site of an earlier church, this church is used primarily for special celebrations. The altar of the old church was consecrated in 1665 by Bishop Jančić from Pićan.

St. Hadrian has a pretty portico supported by columns, and the baptistry is on the left side of the church. The building has a rectangular plan with arched windows on the longitudinal facades.

There is an altarpiece representing the Blessed Virgin Mary of Carmel, St. Anthony of Padua, and St. Francis of Paula on the altar from 1684, and one representing the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Andrew on the altar from the year 1753.

There is a small chapel in the cemetery that is situated along the cobble stoned avenue of trees. From there one has a nice view of the towns of Pićan and Gračišće and extending to the whole valley below as far as the inlet of the fjord of Plomin.

What to see in Tupljak

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Where to stay in Tupljak

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Sports & leisure opportunities in Tupljak

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Beaches in Tupljak

As Tupljak is located inland, there are no beaches in the town. Beaches along the coast are only a 20 minute drive, close to the town of Labin.

Where to eat in Tupljak

Tupljak is a very small town and at the present time, there are no restaurants. Visitors have two options: eating in nearby Podpićan or becoming friendly with locals who can delight you with local cuisine such as Gnocchi, Fuži, Jota, Maneštra and other typically Istrian dishes.

Nightlife and entertainment in Tupljak

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Cultural events in Tupljak

The major feast day is in honour of the town’s patron Saint Bartolomew which is celebrated on August 23. Typically the local priest celebrates Mass in the morning of the 23rd. If the 23rd falls on a weekday, then the festival will be held on the weekend.

The festival will include local sporting competitions including soccer and bocce. In the evening the townsfolk will gather outside the local pub and celebrate as a band plays traditional and modern music.

Excursions in the region of Tupljak

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