Sipan Island

Island Sipan is the largest island of the Elaphiti. Sipan is the largest of the islands of the Elaphite archipelago just off the coast of Croatia near Dubrovnik. Its size is about 16 km2. The vegetated island invites exploration, and sightseeing among dwellings both historic and quaint.

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How to get to Sipan Island

Sipan is reached by ferry from Dubrovnik; the journey takes about one hour.

Here is Sipan Island located

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History of Sipan Island

The name Sipan was first applied to the island in 1371, from the Latin “gypana:” island of eagles. Its history is closely tied to the city of Dubrovnik. During the 1400s Sipan was the summer resort for the upper class of Dubrovnik. Palaces from this era remain on the island. Roman ruins have been found dating to Illyrian times.

What to see in Sipan Island

  • Villages:

There are two quaint villages on the island, located in wind-sheltered bays. Sudurad has the better harbor, but Šipanska Luka is slightly larger.

  • Landscape:

Olive, fig, and almond orchards abound, as do vineyards. It is 5 km between the villages, an inviting distance for a stroll. Farther inland the hills are covered with cypress.

  • Buildings:

A number of 15th century palaces are still standing, notably the Sorkocevic’s summer home. The ruins of about 30 churches from the middle ages are spread across the island. The Gothic Rector’s Palace is a popular destination as is the gothic church of Sveti Stipan. The Hotel Sipan is located in a restored olive factory, and is beautiful as an historic site.

Where to stay in Sipan Island

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Hotels in Sipan Island

Camping sites in Sipan Island

Private accomodations in Sipan Island

Sports & leisure opportunities in Sipan Island

  • Hike miles of trails along the beach or climb to the interior
  • Fish from the harbors or deep sea excursions
  • Dive the clear water of the bays
  • With little traffic, Sipan is an ideal destination for families with children to allow them to explore safely

Beaches in Sipan Island

Small beaches on Sipan are pleasant to take a dip in the sea.

Where to eat in Sipan Island

  • Hotel Sipan offers fine dining at the Pjat, featuring Mediterranean cuisine.
  • The Bar Ka, also in the hotel serves breakfast and snacks
  • Tauris is a local tavern and family restaurant
  • There are several harborside cafes

Nightlife and entertainment in Sipan Island

The island is quiet and quaint with a population of only 500 people. The Hotel Sipan offers occasional concerts and evening entertainment.

Cultural events in Sipan Island

Hotel Sipan hosts jazz and classical evening concerts, and announces other events throughout the year.

Excursions in the region of Sipan Island

Day cruises are available that allow you to travel to several of the Elaphiti islands. Hotel Sipan offers fishing, boating, and diving excursions to its guests.

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