Premuda Island

Premuda is a island in the region of Zadar. Premuda is one of the northern Dalmatian islands off the Croatian coast. It is just over 9 km2 in size. A village of the same name on the island has about 50 inhabitants who are mostly shepherds and olive growers. Administratively, Premuda is attached to the city of Zadar. The highest point is Vrh at 88 meters.

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How to get to Premuda Island

The island must be approached by boat, and is included in at least one regular itinerary from Dubrovnik.

Here is Premuda Island located

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History of Premuda Island

Hungary’s only battleship, the Szent Istvan (Saint Stephen) was sunk June 10, 1918, off the coast of Premuda, by torpedoes from an Italian MAS-15. It was one of only three battleships whose sinking was recorded. The last half-hour of the ship’s life was filmed from the Tegetthoff, while attempting to tow the crippled ship to drydock. The film was used to raise money for the Red Cross. Experienced divers may now explore the wreck.

What to see in Premuda Island

The shoreline is characterized by rocky coves and drowned valleys providing beautiful views from the sea.

Where to stay in Premuda Island

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Hotels in Premuda Island

Camping sites in Premuda Island

Private accomodations in Premuda Island

Sports & leisure opportunities in Premuda Island

Diving is the main attraction at Premuda.
A series of connected underwater caves, the Katedrala (Cathedral), have light filtering through their porous ceilings creating a stained glass effect.
The wreck of the Austro-Hungarian battleship Szent Istvan is deeper, but can be reached by experienced divers.

Beaches in Premuda Island

Numerous rocky and pebbled beaches are found in the many coves.

Where to eat in Premuda Island

There are three restaurants on the island. The local tomatoes and potatoes are recommended.

Nightlife and entertainment in Premuda Island

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Cultural events in Premuda Island

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Excursions in the region of Premuda Island

Diving excursions from the larger Croatian cities can be arranged.

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