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The island Pasman is opposite for the island Ugljan in the archipelago southwest from Zadar.
It is separated of Zadar and Biograd with Pasman channel. With the island of Ugljan is connected by bridge in the pass of Zdrelac. The island has a beautiful gravel and sand beaches, ecologically preserved landscape that has plenty of medicinal aromatic plants, many fields and olive groves on the island are ideal for a vacation away from the city crowd.

Due to the favourable Mediterranean climate has developed a rich flora and fauna. On the island are placed some typical places, such as Tkon, Ugrinic, Kraj, Pasman, Mali Pasman, in which live most of the 3100 inhabitants.

Here is Pasman Island located

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How to get to Pasman Island

With Ugljan is connected by bridge to the pass Zdrelac, and has ferry connections with Zadar and Biograd na moru. You can get there by car – from the direction Split, to the Biograd na moru, or ZagrebBiograd na moru, from the port with car towards Tkon.

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History of Pasman Island

The island was settled in pre historic period, and the most earlier traces of the island are dating from the early Middle Ages. The witness are numerous material remains of Roman architecture, preserved stone inscriptions and coins money.

Medieval name of the island (Postimana) 990. year was recorded by Byzantine Emperor Constantine and traveller Porfirogenet in his work, “De administrando imperio.” On the island of 1392. is a Franciscan monastery in Kraj. After the fall of the Venetian republic, it came under French rule and then under the rule of Austria to the fall of Monarchy. From 1918. Pasman constantly is a part of Croatia.

What to see in Pasman Island

  • Franciscan Monastery of St. Duje – in a monastery is placed cloister , the image of the Mother of God with a small Jesus from 15. Ct., And a museum with exhibits that speak about the history of the island.
  • St. Benedictine monastery. Cosmas and Damian – the Čokovcu-Monastery was built in the Romanesque style in 12. century. Glagolitic two valuable manuscripts, “Pasman Psalter” and “Tkonski Anthology” are some of the most important monuments.
  • St. Luke – in Zdrelac – there is inwrought rich history of this place. The church is rectangular in shape. The extension is squared church sacristy, and at the end of 19. Ct. has raised the west facade with a bell tower. The faithful parish of Zdrelac celebrate devotional day of Our Lady Lurdska.

Excursions in the region of Pasman Island

The interior of the island is full of numerous trails suitable for walking and cycling tours, and lovers of Mediterranean landscapes can enjoy the beautiful panoramas.

  • Telascica – the bay is surrounded with 13 islands and islets, it is a Nature Park from 1988. year. Status was granted, thanks to their extremely valuable herbal and animal world, valuable communities of the seabed and interesting archaeological heritage.
  • Vransko jezero Nature Park– one of the few natural habitats of birds “vodarica”. The boundaries of the park are between the Pirovac and Pakostane.

In Banj there is a mountain and a small chapel you can reach with the car. It makes the view on the whole island and look to the KornatI.

Accomodations in Pasman Island

Hotels in Pasman Island

in Tkon

Camping sites in Pasman Island

Private accomodations in Pasman Island

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Sports & leisure opportunities in Pasman Island

On the island are often organized various competitions and meetings of islanders and tourists. So it maintains a small football tournament in Neviđani and Pasman, basketball in Dobropoljana, and the Sailing Regatta. It is especially attractive night race through torches in which are involved domestic and foreign tourists as well as professional runner.

Where to eat in Pasman Island

On the island you can indulge your self in the real enjoyment of their local food prepared in a traditional Dalmatian way. In many restaurants and taverns you can try a number of Dalmatian specialties of fish, crustaceans, mollusks and other marine delicacies to the meat. Meals are served with homemade olives, olive oil, all of extremely high quality, natural and indigenous.

Some of the restaurants are:

  • Restaurant TAMARIS, Pasman
  • Restaurant Lanterna-there are many Croatian specialites, the fish and other dishes are very good. The staff is very polite and always very courteous. Even for tourists who do not like fish, there is a wide choice.

The restaurant in Dolac Banj is also very good food at reasonable preis.

Beaches in Pasman Island

In Zdrelac pass are located many beautiful sandy beaches that make this place attractive tourist destination. Dobropoljana is one of the most popular island resort located below the peak of its greatest peak Bokalj also has a sandy beach, which is located next to a settlement. Barotul – one of the most quiet villages on the island, and it will fascinate you with host hospitality and beautiful sandy beaches.

Nightlife and entertainment in Pasman Island

Island Pasman during the summer season offers a multitude of possibilities for good time and fun. The best known are the fishermen’s festivals which take place frequently and up to several times a week. Along the coast of the island, you will find many bars that also offer entertainment and to do early morning. Disco clubs will still be found on the island of Ugljan, which is associated with Pasman bridge.

Cultural events in Pasman Island

Organization of cultural and sporting events in the Pasman concentrated on meetings and competitions of islanders and tourists. Cultural and artistic societies from all over Croatia organize operational singing, various festivals, regatta, and other cultural events.

  • 17.01. St. pilgrimage to Antony of Opata
  • 13.06. St. pilgrimage to St. Anthony of Padova

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