Nin is a town in the region of Zadar. With a location on a lagoon along the edge of the Adriatic Sea, Nin is a city in the Zadar region of Croatia. With its seaside location and attractive beaches, Nin has long been an important city in Croatia. Today it not only has a rich history but also serves as a popular tourist destination.

>== How to get to Nin==
Being an important city in Croatia, Nin can be reached by road or boat.



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History of Nin

More than anything, Nin’s value to Croatia is historically rooted. The city has served as both the home of the Catholic church in Croatia as well as the first royal city in Croatia’s early days. The Croats first settled Nin in the seventh century and experienced a period of prosperity for centuries to come with the kings crowned and reigning in Nin.

What to see in Nin

  • Church of the Holy Cross: Dating back to the ninth century, this small church is a relic of one of Croatia’s golden ages. Still standing today, guests can get a better understanding of the past by touring this structure.
  • Church of St. Anselm: Built in the eighteenth century, the real draw of this church are the religious artifacts found inside, some of which date back to the ninth century.

Excursions in the region of Nin

  • Zecevo: This small island is a short distance from Nin’s coast. This picturesque island has various religious structures and monuments that have been developed by nuns and the island is a scenic day trip for tourists.
  • Zaton: Renowned for its natural beauty, Zaton is one of the most popular camps in the entire country. A short distance from Nin, Zaton offers many recreational opportunities.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Nin

  • Sea mud: Nin is a frequent destination for people with certain medical conditions who are looking for relief. In addition to the secluded environment and good weather, Nin is also home to famous sea mud which has been used as a healing mechanism since the Roman era.

Beaches in Nin

Being surrounded by a lagoon, Nin’s beaches are particularly noteworthy. There are not only sandy beaches, but the waters are shallow and warmer than normal for the region, making them prime swimming beaches for people of all ages.

Where to eat in Nin

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Where to stay in Nin

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Nightlife and entertainment in Nin

  • Saturnus: A short distance from the center of Nin, Saturnus is a hot spot among the youth in the area. This disco bar features all sorts of entertainment and is a staple of Nin’s nightlife.

Cultural events in Nin

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