Lokrum Island

The island Lokrum is situated near Dubrovnik. Lokrum (Lacroma) is a small island located just off the coast from Dubrovnik. It is the southernmost of a series of offshore islands that protect the city of Dubrovnik.

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How to get to Lokrum Island

Regular boat taxis run from Dubrovnik to the island. The travel time is approximately ten minutes.

Here is Lokrum Island located

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History of Lokrum Island

Lokrum has a long history, first mentioned when a Benedictine monastery was founded there in 1023. The monks were the first to plant exotic vegetation, and this tradition lent the island its name, from the Latin “acrumen,” for “sour fruit.” Legend says that Richard the Lion-Heart was shipwrecked here in 1192 while returning home from the Crusades, and pledged to build a church on the island. But the city of Dubrovnik begged for the edifice to be built in the city, and so it was located there. The French built a fort on Lokrum in the era of Napoleon, in 1806. Emperor Maximilian of Austria built a mansion and expansive botanical garden on the island in 1859. After his execution it was surrendered to the Hapsburgs and passed to Yugoslavia in the Treaty of Saint-Germain. Most of the island is now a nature preserve.

What to see in Lokrum Island

  • The former monastery (closed in 1798) is a beautiful contrast of gray stone, green trees and flowering plants.
  • The Napoleonic star-shaped fort, Forte Royale, is located on the highest point and offers expansive views of the island, Dubrovnik, and the nearby village of Cavtat,
  • A Botanical Garden was opened in 1959 featuring subtropical plants from South America to Australia. The collection of succulents, cacti, and eucalyptuses is particularly impressive.
  • Peacocks roam the island freely.

Where to stay in Lokrum Island

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Hotels in Lokrum Island

Camping sites in Lokrum Island

Private accomodations in Lokrum Island

Sports & leisure opportunities in Lokrum Island

Walking trails around the island are easy to follow…

Beaches in Lokrum Island

A small inland salt lake on the island, called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), provides safe bathing for children and non-swimmers
Most of the ocean beaches are rocky, thickly surrounded by pines.
There is a nudist beach at the southeastern end of the island which is considered one of the best in naturist circles.

Where to eat in Lokrum Island

There is a restaurant in the former monastery.

Nightlife and entertainment in Lokrum Island

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Cultural events in Lokrum Island

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Excursions in the region of Lokrum Island

Sea kayaking expeditions from Dubrovnik which include a visit to Lokrum are possible.

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