Komiza Island

The island Komiza is appropriate south for the island Vis. Komiza is a town of 2500 on the island of Vis. Vis is the westernmost Dalmatian island, and is 90 km2 in area. Komiza is located on a deep bay at the foot of Hum Hill. The inhabitants primarily earn their living by fishing, making seafood a regular on local menus. There is some farming and winemaking. Recently, tourism has been increasing. The limestone hills are covered with Mediterranean heath (macchia) and vineyards.

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How to get to Komiza Island

You can reach Komiza by taking a ferry from the mainland city of Split. The trip takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Here is Komiza Island located

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History of Komiza Island

First mentioned in the 12th century a Benedictine monastery was built in the 13th century. Over the next five centuries several architecturally interesting churches were built on the island. The tradition of architectural interest continued into the 20th century with buildings by several well-known Croatians.

The island has been strategically important in the Adriatic. First the Greeks, then Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, and Venetians controlled Vis. Next the French took control, were defeated by the British in 1811, followed by the Austrians in 1866. It was a key military base in WWII and was only opened to the public in 1998.

What to see in Komiza Island

The varied architecture on the island includes Baroque, Romanesque, and Art Nouveau.
Ecotourists will be interested in the vegetation. Twelve distinct types of island vegetation have been identified and the World Organization for Environmental Protection considers the island one of the ten best preserved ecosystems.

Where to stay in Komiza Island

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Hotels in Komiza Island

Camping sites in Komiza Island

Private accomodations in Komiza Island

Sports & leisure opportunities in Komiza Island

  • Komiza has three bocce courts
  • There are facilities for basketball, soccer (football), and handball
  • Diving is popular
  • Many local pathways provide good hiking opportunities

Beaches in Komiza Island

There are good beaches in the same large bay as the Komiza: Kamenica, Gusarica, Nova Posta, and Velo Zalo
The island’s largest beach is Zaglev, near the village of Milna. This sandy beach can be reached on foot or by boat, and there is a nearby restaurant.

Where to eat in Komiza Island

There are many restaurants and fresh seafood is often featured, especially skarpina. A local amber-colored, sweet wine known as Prosek is aged by burying in the sand.

Nightlife and entertainment in Komiza Island

During the summer, Joze Borcic’s international ballet school offers student performances of ballet, jazz and pop dance
There are often outdoor concerts in the evenings.

Cultural events in Komiza Island

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Excursions in the region of Komiza Island

Many visitors travel by boat to the neighboring island of Bisevo to see the Blue Cave.

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