Kolocep Island

Island Kolocep is a small island in the group of Elaphiti island. Kolocep Island offers the peace, relaxation, and seclusion of rural coastal Croatia. Nestled on a tiny island just a short boat ride from the metropolitan delights of Dubrovnik, Kolocep is convenient for travelers and close to the amenities of a big city.

Pictures of Kolocep Island

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How to get to Kolocep Island

The only way to get to Kolocep, which is the closest to the mainland of the Elafiti archipelago, is a twenty minute boat ride from the city of Dubrovnik. Although there are ferries going back and forth throughout the day, water taxis are also available for faster transportation.

Here is Kolocep Island located

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History of Kolocep Island

Kolocep has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. Archaeologists are currently studying the remains of several empires from ancient Greece through the Napoleonic area, all on an island less than 2.5 square kilometers in size. Like much of Croatia, Kolocep’s architecture has been heavily influenced by Greek, Roman, and medieval cultures.

What to see in Kolocep Island

Sightseers will want to check out the seven pre-Romanesque churches, which are still standing and in regular use. They can walk along the streets which are free of cars and enjoy some of the live outdoor concerts that Kolocep is known for.

Where to stay in Kolocep Island

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Hotels in Kolocep Island

Camping sites in Kolocep Island

Private accomodations in Kolocep Island

Sports & leisure opportunities in Kolocep Island

Outdoor lovers will also enjoy Kolocep Island. There is a variety of hiking available, as well as water sports including

  • sea kayaking,
  • sailing, and
  • boat excursions to other islands in the archipelago.

Beaches in Kolocep Island

Each of the two villages, Gornje and Donje Celo, has a small beach that is perfect for family fun, and there is a ‘naturalist’ beach on the island as well.

Where to eat in Kolocep Island

There are several small eateries offering local fare at affordable prices. For people looking for a more formal experience, La Trattoria at Vila Lovor offers gourmet cuisine with a croatian flavor, and the Croatian restaurant Kalamota offers both walk in and sail in service.

Nightlife and entertainment in Kolocep Island

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Cultural events in Kolocep Island

Every week during the summer months, there is live music in the evening throughout the two villages on the island of Kolocep. Locals and tourists alike share the beauty of Croatian evenings and folk culture.

Excursions in the region of Kolocep Island

When guests are not enjoying the more diversions on the island, they are just a short boat ride from Dubovnik as well as hundreds of other beautiful Mediterranean islands in the immediate area.

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