Kastel Novi

Kastel Novi is a town in Dalmatia (Croatia). Kastel Novi is part of the Kastela Riviera, a series of seven small settlements along the coast in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. These modern day towns are steeped in history and surrounded by beauty, and the settlement of Kastel Novi no exception.

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How to get to Kastel Novi

Kastel Novi is in the middle of Kastela and is accessible on main roads that run along the coast.

Here is Kastel Novi located

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History of Kastel Novi

The entire Kastela region has been popular for centuries. With roots back to Greek times when sailors stopped at the beautiful ports, much of the region was settled later. Kastel Novi in particular began to look like its modern day self during the rule of Pavo Cipiko, who built a fortress there in the 1500s. From there, the settlement of Kastel Novi began to grow up around it, creating many of the historic buildings and streets still standing today. Though the government shifted hands various times throughout history, the scenic appeal of Kastel Novi remained constant.

What to see in Kastel Novi

  • Fortress: One of the older structures in Kastel Novi, the fortress of this settlement dates back to the sixteenth century built under the direction of Cipiko. Now tourists are drawn to the fortress for its historical and cultural significance. This castle has also been converted into a museum with exhibits that highlight the history and culture of the region.
  • Main Square: The town center dates back to earlier times and is an enjoyable sight for visitors to peruse and enjoy. With a clock tower and church, the square is the center of town and the heart of Kastel Novi.
  • Biblical Garden: Planted just a few years ago, the Biblical Garden in Novi is designed with the intention of showcasing every plant mentioned in the Bible, offering an unusual experience for guests.
  • Wineries: Kastel Novi is also noted for its quality wine, grown and produced in the highlands above the settlement. Even if guests choose not to tour a winery, tasting the wine at local eateries is a must.

Excursions in the region of Kastel Novi

Kastel Novi is just one settlement of seven in Kastela. The other settlements all offer their own distinct features, some with sandy beaches or popular discos that offer great options for excursions from Kastel Novi.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Kastel Novi

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Beaches in Kastel Novi

Kastel Novi borders the sea with pebble beaches. While these beaches may not be sand, they are scenic and family-friendly, offering guests the option of enjoying sundry water activities.

Where to eat in Kastel Novi

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Where to stay in Kastel Novi

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Nightlife and entertainment in Kastel Novi

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Cultural events in Kastel Novi

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