Kastel Luksic

Kastel Luksic is a town in Dalmatia (Croatia). Kastel Luksic is a small town northwest of the city of Split. Considered part of the Croatian riviera, a Mediterranean climate, historic architecture, and modern facilities can make your visit memorable.

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How to get to Kastel Luksic

Flights are available into Split where cars can be rented.

Here is Kastel Luksic located

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History of Kastel Luksic

The Kastel Luksic was built by Mihovil Rosani in 1482. There is a local legend of a couple Miljenko and Dobrilla, whose love like Romeo and Juliet, ended tragically.
Vitturi Park was designed in the 1700s and is one of the few preserved from that era.

What to see in Kastel Luksic

The many historic castles are the main attraction.

  • The Gothic – Renaissance Gospe od Uznesenja church has art treasures, painting and statuary.
  • The church of St. Lovre od Ostroga recalls the center of life for free peasants of the 12th century, which was built on the remains of Roman and Illyrian towns.
  • St. Ivan Biranj church stands on a height of land on the site of an Illyrian fort.

Excursions in the region of Kastel Luksic

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Sports & leisure opportunities in Kastel Luksic

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Beaches in Kastel Luksic

The most of local beaches are pebbled but the Bacvice Beach in Split is sandy.

Where to eat in Kastel Luksic

Many restaurants from cafes to fine dining establishments can be found on the Croatian Riviera from Split to Trogir.

Where to stay in Kastel Luksic

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Nightlife and entertainment in Kastel Luksic

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Cultural events in Kastel Luksic

  • Theater, concerts and shows are staged in the renovated Vitturi castle
  • The opera Aida is performed as a part of Split Summer Plays festival

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