Located off the eastern coast of Istria, Ika, Croatia is a beautiful vacation spot to relax and enjoy nature. A seaside resort, it is also connected by road to the mainland. The weather makes it a perfect vacation spot any time of the year, and the near by regions also offer many attractions for tourists.

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How to get to Ika

The easiest route to Ika is to fly to Croatia and drive. For those closer, driving the entire distance is an option. For those in other countries, flying would be the best bet to save on both time and money.

Here is Ika located

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History of Ika

Ika originated as a small fishing village. However, tourism began to grow there as early as the 1820s. Its climate and convenient location by the sea brought both those interested in a nice place to live or vacation, and those looking to work in fishing.

What to see in Ika

The nearby region of Lovran is a larger resort that offers many attractions and restaurants. Before leaving the quite, peaceful seclusion of Ika, make sure to stop in at Lovran for a taste of the activity. They cater especially to tourists, with events going on year round. There’s sure to be something for everyone.

Excursions in the region of Ika

Make sure to check out other regions of Croatia before you leave. Each is known for its own special attractions, whether it be fishing or nightlife. There’s an area for all kinds of people, no matter what your interests. Drive or take a bus to other areas and see what you can find.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Ika

Water sports and fishing are a large part of Ika’s attraction. Since it was first born as a fishing town, fishing is still a big part of its attraction. Water sports are offered both in Ika and in nearby larger regions.

Beaches in Ika

Ika is on the coast, and offers a beautiful spot to swim in the sea. Those interested in water sports, fishing, or simply taking walks on the beach would love this beautiful destination. Book reservations at a hotel close to the shore and you’ll have a breathtaking view.

Where to eat in Ika

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Where to stay in Ika

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Nightlife and entertainment in Ika

Entertainment varies by the time of year. While Ika is a quiet get away, it also boasts many festivities during the year. The ever changing events can be experienced from your hotel. All you have to do is walk outside your front door and a new world of opportunities will be waiting.

Cultural events in Ika

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