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Igrane is a town in Dalmatia (Croatia). Igrane is a Croatian harbor village on the Adriatic coast along the Makarska Riviera. It is located at the foot of Biokovo mountain with a coastline along the Hvarski Canal. The stunning beaches and mild Mediterranean climate make Igrane a prime tourist destination. With its population of just over four hundred, Igrane is a small town that thrives on fishing, agriculture (specifically olive cultivation), and tourism.

Pictures of Igrane


How to get to Igrane

Flights can be booked to the international airports in Split and Dubrovnik, and local transportation or rental car taken to Igrane.

Here is Igrane located

<googlemap lat="44.182204" lon="16.270996" zoom="6" controls="big" width="500" height="300">
43.1952778,17.1388889,Here is Igrane. Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map.
Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map of Igrane.

History of Igrane

The history of Igrane is largely preserved in its architecture. Cultural artifacts, including ancient sarcophagi attest to the existence of Roman inhabitants, and Igrane first appeared in official documentation in the mid-1400s. Since the 15th century Igrane has thrived on its marine activities and its excellent naval location. In the 17th century it served as a fortress against the Turks.

What to see in Igrane

  • Zalina Kula tower – 17th century fortress against Turkish invasion
  • Church of Saint Michael – a pre-Romanesque basilica situated amongst the olive groves
  • Gradina – historic site where Roman artifacts were located

Excursions in the region of Igrane

  • boat trips to nearby islands, including Hvar and Brac
  • mountaineering along the trails of the Biokovo Mountains
  • Botanic Gardens in nearby Kotosina

Sports & leisure opportunities in Igrane

  • Water sports – swimming, deep-sea diving, sailing, and fishing
  • Diving School – scuba diving lessons offered by many facilities
  • Other sports and leisure activities include jogging, cycling, minigolf, bocci

Beaches in Igrane

There are large sandy and pebble beach areas along the southeastern side, many of which are adapted for children. There is also a breakwater in the port, creating a safe area for yachts and sailboats.

Where to eat in Igrane

  • Restaurant Tri Volta – beachside restaurant with charming sailor-inspired decor and featuring authentic Dalmatian seafood cuisine
  • Konoba Portina – popular tavern serving regional cuisine
  • Gostionica Stari Ribar – serves traditional Dalmatian fish and vegetable dishes

Where to stay in Igrane

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Nightlife and entertainment in Igrane

Tourists usually visit nearby Makarska for the nightclubs and summer music concerts.

  • Club Deep – located in a natural cave
  • Buba – beachside bar that features electronica and dance music
  • Rockatansky – features rock, blues, and jazz

Cultural events in Igrane

Throughout the region tourists and locals visit Makarska for "Makarska Summer."

  • Summer Carnival/Winter Carnival – a night of folk music, dancing, and cultural celebration
  • Night of Kalelarga – "night of the town"
  • Fishermen’s Night – a night of entertainment and dining on local seafood
  • Summer Masquerade

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