Above the me well valley D M. the medieval village Groznjan with its 193 inhabitants rises on 288 m ue.. An attendance is probably worthwhile itself primarily from artistic view. Some active artists and musician hold the place quasi alive.

How to get to Groznjan

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Groznjan lies approx.. 8 km southeast from Buje.

Here is Groznjan located

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History of Groznjan

Mentions documentary for the first time around 1100. 1394 became it the seat of the venezian properties in Istria. Groznjan is appropriate for 288 m over the sea level above the Mirnatales. In historical recordings Groznjan the first time is mentioned around 1100 as property of the Aquilea Patriarch. In 14. Century was developed it by the Venezian. Approx.. today the small medieval village counts 190 inhabitants. , directly worth seeing behind the local gate, the old city loggia (1587) from the Renaissance is, the parish church Maria and Vitus from the year 1770. Since 1358 Groznjan is municipality. In the year 1955 associated to Buje, then 1993 got again the municipality status awarded. The tourism developed since 1965. Groznjan, once the purge abandoned, developed itself to an artist colony. In the abandoned houses artist studios and galleries developed. Groznjan became today a substantial Oertchen. Primarily from June to August young musicians from all world meet in Groznjan. In the place find each year courses, music days, Workshops for individual instruments (violin, violoncello, Viola, piano, organ among other things.) and jazz concerts with artists from many countries — also from overseas — instead of. From Groznjan one has a view of Motovun, the Ucka and in the far Mirnatal. At the foot of Groznjan, at the river Mirna, is the former port Bastia. Up to this place the Mirna was once navigable. Here here is the small church the nut/mother God from that 15. Century.

What to see in Groznjan

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  • Military walls from that 14. Ct.
  • Renaissance Town balcony(1587)
  • Parish church Maria and Vitus (1770)
  • Chapel Damian and Cosma (1554): The Fresken comes from Ivan Lovrencic (1988). Above the chapel further works of art worth seeing, e.g. the Sgraffito of Ivan Seljak Copic stand. Approx.. one finds 18 galleries and studios at present in Groznjan. The area of Groznjan – characteristic of pictorial vineyards and Olive groves. Istria is considered as sensational Kleinod in the north.

Excursions in the region of Groznjan

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Where to stay in Groznjan

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We have two apartments near Grožnjan (Meštri).
Contact: 00 385 91 524 8022

Nightlife and entertainment in Groznjan

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Cultural events in Groznjan

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Some regular music events and appearances smaller volume initiate local artist. Well visited also the conclusion concerts of the classical summer youth school of music are in August. In addition there are some ceramic(s) artists and painters in the place. At the place it gives an excellent boccie place. Here also istrian championships and matches are delivered. Groznjan is used also today still for weddings, also by Italian citizens.

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