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The Elaphiti islands are separate by the Kolocepski channel from the mainland. Welcome to the islands of Elaphite. An archipelago on the Adriatic sea, just a stone throw from the famous city of Dubrovnik. An adventurous getaway for you and your loved ones, away from the your hectic day at work. A place where tradition and modernism mixed proportionally creating a warm and welcoming environment.

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How to get to Elaphiti island

Located just west of Dubrovnik, islands of Elaphite consists of large number of reefs and rocks, eight islands and five islets. Three of them are inhibited and become a major attraction of tourism. They are Kolocep (Kalamota), Lopud, and Sipan. Kolocep is the smallest but the closest from the main continent. Reaching these islands are easy, for a ferry boat leave Port of Gruz in Dubrovnik on a regular basis. If you wouldn’t want to be bothered with ferry schedules, you can always rent or charter boats and sailboats to cruise wherever island you would like to visit on the adriatic sea.

Here is Elaphiti island located

<googlemap lat="44.182204" lon="16.270996" zoom="6" controls="large" selector="yes" overview="yes" width="500" height="300">
42.6927778,17.9469444,Here is Elaphiti island. Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map.
Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map of Elaphiti island.

History of Elaphiti island

The history of islands of Elaphite extended back to the era of Roman Empire. Inhabited by royal families from Dubrovnik. A rich mixture of ancient cultures affecting the islands’ historical sites. Churches from the 15th century are preserved and become famous tourist attractions. Like many other Meditterranean countries, the islands of Elaphite are gifted with limestone soil which allows them to grow many unique crops. Cypress tree, citrus, olive, figs, almods and tomatoes are easy to found.

What to see in Elaphiti island

  • 13th Century Parish Church, The Assumption of Mary, located in Donje Celo on the island of Kalomata
  • Francisian Monestry, built in 1483, with beautiful scenery from the defence tower. The monestery holds many

valuable art in its church of St. Mary of Spilica

  • Ruins of Roman building, and large vineyards, along with Citrus fields on the island of Sipan

Where to stay in Elaphiti island

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Hotels in Elaphiti island

Camping sites in Elaphiti island

Private accomodations in Elaphiti island

Sports & leisure opportunities in Elaphiti island

Water sports dominate the islands’ attraction but also include other activities such as hiking and Climbing. Here are some adventure you can do :

  • Hiking around the island. You can choose your course based on the width of island.
  • Catch some dentex and bellows fish, accompanied by professional fishermen.
  • Diving. Clear Meditterranean sea will guarantee the satisfaction of your diving experience
  • Hopping Sea Kayak. Kayak your way through the clear Meditterranean sea.

Beaches in Elaphiti island

Here are guides to the best beaches around the island :

  • The shallow and sandy beach of Sunj in the warm Lopud Island
  • Beach of Dubrovnik
  • Beach of Kalomata island

Where to eat in Elaphiti island

  • Dine on grilled fresh fish and local wine on many local restaurant on Sunj Beach of Lopud island
  • La Traorratti, on the island of Kolocep. Set on 1920s villa, serves great Pizza with great panorama
  • Lokanda Peskarija restaurant, on the outside of city wall of Kolocep island. Great view of the harbor while

enjoying fresh seafood.

Have a time of your live.

Nightlife and entertainment in Elaphiti island

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Cultural events in Elaphiti island

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Excursions in the region of Elaphiti island

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