Diklo is a small settlement in Dalmatia (Croatia).

Diklo is located on the north-west of the 3000 year-old city Zadar, near the Puntamika tourist complex. It is known of the old villas and beautiful pebbled beaches.

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How to get to Diklo

Zadar is an easy accessible destination settled in the heart of Adriatic coast. It is directly connected to all other major Croatian cities like: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik which gives Zadar great tourism development. Besides, it offers good accommodation capacities, customer services, marinas, ports, beaches and numerous hospitality objects. It has its own air port which is also another benefit of good further development and growth.

Arrival by plane:

International Airport Zadar-Zemunik

Tel. 023/313 311
Fax. 023/313 466

E-mail: [email protected]

Web: www.zadar-airport.hr

Reservations and ticket sales:

Poljana Natka Nodila 2, Zadar
Tel. 023/250 094
Fax 023/250 109
E-mail: [email protected]

Arrival by boat:

International ferry lines: Zadar – Ancona

International Hydro craft lines: Zadar Ancona (docking at Bozava)

Coastal Ferry lines: Zadar-Pula (docking at Silba and Mali Losinj)

Reservations and ticket sales:

Liburnska obala 7, Zadar
Tel: 023/254 800
Fax: 023/250 351
Web: www.jadrolinija.hr

Arrival by rail:

Zadar has a railway connection to all the major Croatian centers which are also connected to the entire Europe.

Reservations and ticket sales:

Široka ulica bb, Zadar
Tel: 023/250 502
Fax: 023/250 502

Here is Diklo located

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History of Diklo

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What to see in Diklo

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Excursions in the region of Diklo

  • Zadar/Nin (former seat of bishops and Croatian rulers)
  • Islands of Ugljan and Pasman
  • Paklenica National Park / Vransko Lake Nature Park

Sports & leisure opportunities in Diklo

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Beaches in Diklo

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Where to eat in Diklo

  • Taverna Diklo

This restaurant, located by the waterfront in Diklo, once was considered as one of the best Zadar’s restaurants. Now this restaurant stayed famous and visited by the great number of tourists. It offers the traditional Croatian cuisine, domestic fish and vine.

Address: Krešimirova obala 49
Telephone: (+385-23) 33 10 35

Where to stay in Diklo

  • Pension Vista Hotel

This pension has a nice accommodation offer, an outdoor restaurant terrace only 10 meters from the sea coast and within the Mediterranean cuisine offers the original stay within the calm sky.

Address : Pension Vista, Krešimirova Obala 98, Diklo, 23000 Zadar (Dalmatia)

Number of rooms : 12

Rates : From 30 EUR to 64 EUR

Nightlife and entertainment in Diklo

  • SOS

There is a beach bar just across the waterfront offering the cold ice cream during the day time, and offering the refreshment with cocktail during the long summer nights.

Address: Krešimirova obala, Diklo

Cultural events in Diklo

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