Buzet (5,000 inhabitants) calls itself the main istrian town of truffles (Cita Tartufo). Even if this may sound exaggerated a little, fact is that the desired mushroom at the best in the surrounding forests of the me well valley prospers. Otherwise Buzet as typical istrian mountain and fortress town and traffic junction show up. Buzet, located in inner Istria, has been a town of note throughout history. Today, however, the town is well known for its historical sites as well as its truffles and wine.

How to get to Buzet

Those start after Buzet from Motovun leads by the wild-romantic Mirna bay. Motovun lies approx.. 20 km far away, 25 km are it up to the Kvarner bay. There are bus connections from/after Umag, Porec and Pazin. The penalty do not drive however particularly frequently.
Buzet is easily accessible by road from Motovun or Pula. The roads are well used and there is some bus service to the area.

Here is Buzet located

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Pictures of Buzet

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History of Buzet

Since illyric time settles, transferred the Romans the area, to it to 6. Ct. at Byzans and to the Langobarden fell later. The mountain small town became in 9. Ct. based and was in the Middle Ages as well as Roc and Hum an important glagolitic center. Later rule conditions between the Karoline and venezian patriach changed.
Buzet’s history begins back in Roman times. Located on a hilltop in Istria, the town was known as Pinquentum. Since that era on, the town has thrived and ultimately came to its present name and look under Venetian rule in the fifteenth century. Much of the town’s memorable architecture was built during this time and is still standing today.

What to see in Buzet

  • Church of the Assumption of Mary: Right in the heart of town, this church is hard to miss. Distinctively, the church is actually carved into rock, making it a memorable site.
  • Baroque Fountain: The fountain is especially noteworthy because of its careful upkeep. Completely renovated in the 18th century, this baroque feature still stands as one of the region’s most attractive and well-kept historical pieces.
  • Fortress and gates: These architectural pieces are relics from the heart of Venetian rule.
  • County Museum: Located in a historical mansion from the Venetian days, this museum features historical pieces and cultural relics in addition to the beautiful architecture.

Excursions in the region of Buzet

  • Roc: This city, as well as several others, sits on another hilltop in the inner Istrian region. With historical sites and beautiful landscapes, travelers can visit these by bike or arranged tours.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Buzet

  • Biking: Much of the region is connected via bike trail and a paved trail runs right through Buzet, looping through the countryside and other nearby towns.
  • Paragliding: The area is great for this activity and even celebrates the sport in the Buzet Open, a paragliding contest for all of Croatia.

Beaches in Buzet

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Where to eat in Buzet

  • Vrh: With most meals costing around 20 US dollars, this restaurant features Croatian dishes and is great for people interested in an authentic Croatian experience.
  • Sv. Martin: Specializing in pizza, Sv. Martin is ideal for takeout, which can work well for travelers on the go.

Where to stay in Buzet

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Nightlife and entertainment in Buzet

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Cultural events in Buzet

  • Summer concerts: The area is well known for its cultural vibrancy and its rich folklore, so the locals in Buzet often put on summer concert that accent these and entertain guests.

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