Brijun is the principal place national park Brioni islands and lies on the island Veli Brijun. Fourteen small islands make up what is known as Brijuni located in Croatia’s northern region on the Adriatic Sea. The islands are famous during holidays for beautifully scenic resorts and it’s Croatian National Park. Flourishing with plant species such as Holm Oak, Conifers, Maquis Shrubland and Laurel Forest the islands have certain endangered species including wild cucumber, marine poppy and others.

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How to get to Brijun

Navigate to Brijuni Islands by one of the several hundred yachts that provide luxury sailing into Brijuni’s harbor. Pula is a maritime, rail, road, and air centre only 7 kilometers from the islands near Fazana, the terminal used frequently to connect to the island by boat which takes around 15 minutes.

Here is Brijun located

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History of Brijun

Influenced by Ancient Romans during their settlement the islands have also been affected by Italy’s Venice during the Middle Ages. In addition the islands gave way to Venice’s stone built palaces and bridges. Later Napoleon included the islands in Illyrian Provinces and in 1815 the Austrian Empire, who turned into Austria-Hungary, repeated this act. All the while the islands provided stone abroad to places like Vienna and Berlin.

What to see in Brijun

  • Cultural and archaeological sites are high lights on the Brijuni Islands with at least four sites of over 200 footprints from our prehistoric dinosaurs on Veli Brijun. These prints trace back to the Cretaceous Period giving the islands its Cretaceous Park name.
  • The Knights Templar built in the 13th century AD the St. Mary’s Church worth seeing for its interesting history and past architectural structure.
  • Visiting the islands’ two ancient villa remains by the Romans. Travel into the 2nd Century BC at the Byzantine palace. Then to the 14th Century BC Bronze Age at the Hill-fort remain.
  • Among the archaeological collections to see are the art and natural history exhibitions.

Where to stay in Brijun

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Hotels in Brijun

Camping sites in Brijun

Private accomodations in Brijun

Sports & leisure opportunities in Brijun

Outdoor activities are becoming more popular on the islands with its natural setting fresh and untouched of mouflon, peacocks, deer and rabbits. Golf is only one choice whereas one can enjoy playing

  • tennis
  • team building programs
  • archery
  • electric cars and bike rentals.

The islands are surrounded by the Adriatic sea so one enjoys easily the natural beauty of the sea. Swim next to Brijuni’s dolphins, turtles, and other protected species.

Beaches in Brijun

  • Is it possible to go swimming in Brijun? If yes, write down here the best beaches in Brijun.

Where to eat in Brijun

The restaurants Neptun and Venera are in the hotel Neptun in a buffet or banquet style setting in addition to the à la carte choices. Polo Salon and Salon Oblijak are salons with multiple purposes so can be used as either a meeting room or dining room.

  • Restaurant Galija
  • Restaurant Plaza
  • Hotel Neptun has high quality restaurants
  • Restaurant Karmen
  • Restaurant Skolijka
  • As well as some outdoor restaurants.

Spend the evening with Brijuni’s finest bartenders tasting numerous cocktail variations and Istrian wines. The evenings are more quiet but one can always take a stroll along the edge of the island looking out to sea after delighting in Brijuni’s fine gastronomy.

Nightlife and entertainment in Brijun

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Cultural events in Brijun

Cultural events worth taking part in compose of numerous exhibitions.

  • Archaeoligical collections
  • Exhibition of frescoes copies and Glagolitic inscriptions
  • Old Austrian memories
  • Josip Broz Tito exhibition on Brioni
  • A collection of natural history

Excursions in the region of Brijun

  • Safari Park to enjoy the islands animal world including imported species
  • Ethno park inside the Safari park revealing the average Istrian homestead filled with native animal species.
  • Marine parks to view Adriatic marine organisms

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