Bratus is a village settled in the Central Dalmatia, in Croatia close to the city of Makarska.

It is a small fishing and tourist place consisted with less than 50 inhabitants.

Close to the main tourist hub Makarska, Bratus has managed to preserve its original atmosphere of a small fishing community.

Bratus is a perfect holiday place for families and people who prefer the calm vacation. Bratus is also perfect starting place for the adrenalin lovers who prefer to spend their holiday climbing or hiking the Biokovo mountain.

Pictures of Bratus

How to get to Bratus

You can arrive to Bratus by ferry, by plane, by train or by personal vehicle because Split is 50km on the north, distanced from the place. You drive along the coastal highway from Split to Makarska. Than, get off the main road at Kravica, 5km before Makarska. Bratus is settled below Kravica at the waterfront.

There are regular regional bus lines from Split to Makarska which connect all the settlements along the Adriatic coast. You get of at Kravica and walk down to Bratus for about 10 min.

Get around

The best way to get around the place is by car. Furthermore, bus lines also connect the place with Makarska, Split and other places along Croatia.

Makarska is also accessible by foot within the 1 hour walk along the promenade. After about 10 minutes walk on the north, you will reach place Promajna, tourist and fishing village similar to Bratus which has all the necessary facilities of a small place.

Here is Bratus located

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History of Bratus

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What to do in Bratus

Bratus has a small beach and a charming promenade consisted of a small store, coffee bar and a restaurant.

Swimming is possible all the way along the beautiful shore up to Makarska.
In Makarska you can visit small old town and a harbor. Ferries connect islands Brac and Hvar.

The Biokovo mountain organizes various challenge events like hiking, mountain climbing, and scenic drive to the top of Sveti Jure, which is the highest peak (1700m).

Where to stay in Bratus

There are no hotels in Bratus. Available are only private accommodations like rooms and apartments. During the off season is easy to access the accommodation but during the peak season is recommended to reserve the stay in advance.

Private accommodations in Bratus

  • Akrap Family (de/en) offers nice and inexpensive private apartments with a view on the lake. (Their website is good for addtl info, too.)

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