Baska Voda

Welcome to the adventure of your lifetime. A place to find modernism and tradition combined perfectly, creating friendliness, modesty and exotic adventure. A perfect place for solitude and self discovery, with great parties and religious sightseeing just around the corner. A warmth ambiance that welcomes you every time you need it, and intoxicating parties whenever you feel like it. Welcome to Baska Voda.

>== How to get to Baska Voda==
Situated right by the beach, Baska Voda is easy to reach. You may reach Baska Voda by land from many other cities through the highway. Split airport, only 75 km (around 30 miles) away from the city of Baska Voda is your gateway to the world. But airport Dubrovnik (Croatia), airport Zagreb (Croatia), airport Zadar (Croatia) and airport Sarajevo (Bosnia) is also reachable from Baska Voda. But if You are an adventurous seaman who are looking for a little challenge, forget the land and air travel, you can rent boat and yacht on the port for a little travel on the beautiful Adriatic sea to Makarska (10 km) and any destination you want in Croatia.

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History of Baska Voda

Baska Voda is an ancient city. Many artefacts of prehistoric life were found and keep safe until now. Many historian associate the name Baska Voda with the ancient city of Biston. Once populated with Roman and Illyrians, the culture is mixed with Croats who came in the 7th century.

Although after the 7th century the town activity were moved to the foot of Mt. Biovoko for the next thousand years, pirate threat force the residents to move back into the coastal area. The harbor of Baska Voda is constructed in 1912 and became the most important harbor around the area for through this harbor, trade between islands and Biovoko took place. The town continued to improve since then. The first hotel built was Hotel Slavija in 1930s.
Today, Baska Voda grown into a city of tourism. After the Magistrala (Highway throughout the coastal of Adriatic Sea) is built, and the Serbian agression over, the town improved its facilities, including renewed hotels and private houses. Besides accomodations,

What to see in Baska Voda

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