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Opatija is an important sea side resort which has been popular with tourists since 1845 when a nobleman from Rijeka build the first hotel, the grand Villa Angiolina, surrounded by a large park. It was home to Habsburgs as the Austrian Empress Maria Anna and became even more popular at the turn of the century and when a train line to Austria was built.

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Opatija remains a popular resort with excellent sea- food restaurants and splendid belle époque cafés, which are very numerous, so, we will only tell you where you go so you can find out for yourself: head for the Maršala Tita, the main street of the town.

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Accommodation includes some hotels, which are usually quite high-priced. Some hotels are the Galeb, Ita, Kvarner– Amalia, Millenium and the Pallace- Bellevue. If you are looking out for cheaper accommodation, look out for private rooms and apartments. There is a campsite called Preluk, 5 km north and Autocamp Opatija, which is 3 km south of the small town of Ičići, a pleasant and scenic place.

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The town hosts a Karnevalna Opatijskoj Rivijeri (Carnival) and an International regatta in May as well as a Gastrofest in March.

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