Sreser is a place in Dalmatia (Croatia).

>== Pictures of Sreser==
Image:SRESER Kirche u2005-1018.jpg|Kirche in Sreser
Image:SRESER Hafen u2005-1022.jpg|Hafen von Sreser
Image:MARINOVIC u2005-1019.jpg|Denkmal Mico Marinovic in Sreser
Image:SRESER vorgelagerte Insel u2005-1020.jpg|Sreser vorgelagerte Insel

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How to get to Sreser

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Here is Sreser located

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History of Sreser

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What to see in Sreser

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Excursions in the region of Sreser

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Sports & leisure opportunities in Sreser

  • In summer I believe there’s sailing, watersking etc.

Beaches in Sreser

  • It is absolutely to go swimming in Sreser? There is “litte beach” or “big beach” or “velik plaža” and “malen plaža” (I think that’s what they’re called) and there are too islands a little way in from them. Little beach has more pebles than sand but big beach has more sand. You can swim from either to either island, depending on your fitness. You could also walk between one of the islands and the big beach, as the water is shallow all the way. See the photo above.

Where to eat in Sreser

Fortuna is a good restaurant. The staff are friendly and the food is good. The pizzas are excellent as is the cherry brandy.

Where to stay in Sreser

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Nightlife and entertainment in Sreser

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Cultural events in Sreser

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The Konobar and Fortuna restaurants are the only places to go in Sreser. Fortuna does pretty good food, and their staff are friendly. Konobar only opens for the summer. Not sure about Fortuna.

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