Selce is southeast Kvarner small holidays place with port in bay, 3 km from Crikvenica. Beautiful beaches, bank promenade along the coast, different culture and Sports event make a pleasant and a maintenance seed for vacation possible. Selce is a small harbor and city of 2100 people 3 km southeast the city of Crikvenica, and 35 km southeast of Rijeka, on the northwest Adriatic coast in Croatia. With a mild climate the city is known as a rehabilitation center for people with cardiac, rheumatic and respiratory ailments. Selce has retained the beachfront feeling of a Mediterranean riviera.

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How to get to Selce

One can fly to Zagreb or Rijeka, and drive from there.
The harbor is sheltered for those approaching by boat.

Here is Selce located

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History of Selce

Once a town of fisherman and stonemansons the area has focused on tourism for many decades. The first seaside resort was opened in 1896, and the city proudly declares itself to have been a tourist destination for over 100 years. Selce is built on the location of a Roman city, near the Jama and Polaca springs. Selce is 5 km from Bribir, an ancient fortification of Vinodol.

What to see in Selce

Not far from Selce is Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNECSO World Heritage Site and the most famous Croatian national park. It is an area of 16 lakes fed by mineral streams on many levels with waterfalls and caves. The lakes range in color from gray to azure and green. There is a great diversity of animal life which can be observed.

Excursions in the region of Selce

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Sports & leisure opportunities in Selce

There is a multi-use trail from Selce to Crikvenica for walking, bike riding, roller blading or jogging.

  • There are tennis courts, handball, bocce courts, and mini-golf.
  • Water sports equipment can be rented at the beach.
  • A local dive school offers lessons.
  • Sports fishing is popular.
  • With 2 nearby campsites, Selce is recommended for families and active vacationers.

Beaches in Selce

Most beaches in the area are pebbled, but Selce is the locale of one large sandy beach.

Where to eat in Selce

There are numerous restaurants, pizza shops, cafes, bistros, and ice cream shops.

Where to stay in Selce

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Nightlife and entertainment in Selce

Many concerts, art exhibitions, and shows are hosted in Selce or Crikvenica.

Cultural events in Selce

  • Fishermen’s Fiestas at the seaside (12th of July, 12th of August)
  • Fishing with Guests (17th of August).

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