A roman town, later conquered by the Byzantines and Venetians, Porec was an important harbor and today is one of the most integral Istria towns and is worth visiting.

It is located on the western part of the Istrian peninsula, between the river Mirna mouth in the north and the Lim Fyord on the south. Porec is famous for a mild climate, indented coast with many islets, bays and the peninsula on which the town is placed thicked with pine trees, beautiful beaches and Mediterranean ambience.
Porec represents the center of the largest holiday’s area in Istria and it is also called the Riviera of Istria. Based on the numerous visitors who come from all over the world it is even the most important Croatian holiday’s area which provides, apart from all recovery possibilities, an abundance of cultural and historical treasures. Besides the great tourist influence, Porec retained its culture and the town spirits, its recognition among many other historical cities.

The rich tourist tradition and attractive hotels, modern tourist complexes, green forests and Mediterranean vegetation are reasons for rich tourist offer and tourist development. It is a haven for numerous tourists, athletes, and vacationers.

It has a good offer of nightlife, various discotheques, bars and dance clubs, placed on terraces that provide good entertainment.

Here is Porec located

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How to get to Porec

Either you reach Porec from Novigrad or Vrsar or from Pazin there is a good connection over the Ypsilon, the motorway, and should just follow the road signs to come to the Porec. The center of Porec is on a small promontory and for everyone who is traveling with the car; a parking lot can be a problem because Porec has as many visitors as each other town in Istria and because is small does not have that many parking spots. There is a large city parking place, in the east of the old town which is however chargeable. There are free parking possibilities to the Ulica Gaspara Kalcica (approx. from the center removes 10 min).

City map of Porec


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Insight into history of Porec

The history of the city Porec is strongly connected with the Roman monarchy which by the Roman invasion was an important engraver in the history. In the 2nd century B.C. was established the Roman settlement, because it had the amazing position as the fortress city. Before the Romans, the area was relatively settled by the Histris, Dalmatians and Liburnians (all together north European Illyric trunks) (800-500 B.C.). Around year 400 B.C. the immigration of the Celts led to the mixture of two people, the Illyrians and the Celtics. Greek colonialists created commercial establishments on the island Korčula, the island Hvar and the island Vis, as well as on the mainland between Split and Dubrovnik. With conquest by the Romans, Poreč continued to develop. They coined/shaped the city with their orthogonal road system, whose main streets are still preserved and are called Cardo Maximus and the Decumanus. The center of the new culture became the city Porec. As city Poreč already started ruling before, Cäsars rule came into an action. Later was created the Julia Parentium colony. After the first Christian comers came on the area of Porec in the 3rd century, the town had Bishopric and its first Bishop was called Mauro. He was sacrificed by the Roman authorities, and by his death, the town Porec from that moment, the bishop was pronounced blessed and became the patron of the town.
The emperor Diocletian was born in Dalmatia and he built his famous Palace in Split. Afterwards, he started to spread the Christianity all over the land. The origin of the famous Euphrasian Basilica also comes from the same historical period. When bishop Maurus came in Poreč, he built the early Christian cathedral. 200 years later (in the 6th century) was built the Euphrasian Basilica on the same place by the Bishop Euphrasian. The Basilica was and still is a masterpiece which has the early Byzantine mosaics, and many other artistic works which, together with the Basilica came onto the UNESO-s world list of preserved heritage.
As many centuries passed that is how many colonies and nations changed and left remains of their existence. Many more nations struggled for the Porec but when in the year 1250, Porec became the official city; he constituted the autonomy over that area. That was the time of Austrian governance and power, which gave to Porec the power, they built the federal state parliament and similar official powered buildings.

What to see in Porec

The old part of town and the Euphrasian Basilica are very important cultural and historical valuable places to visit.

  • The attendance of UNESCO, Euphrasian Basilica, which likewise is in the old part of town, in each case must be visited.
  • The two crossing main streets Decumanus and Cardo Maximus form the centerlines of the old part of town Porec.

Here you will find some interesting Archaeological findings, witnessing to population density even in pre-historic times. There are the remains of forums and temples which are revealing the importance of the Roman presence on that area.

Porec will make you feel the old spirits and discover traces of great cultures visible on every step of the old town and narrow streets.
Poreč has the multiplicity of business branches like, fashion shops and purchase places.

Places of excursions near Porec

  • Rovinj
  • Rovinj – since 1963 Rovinj is a cultural monument
  • Limski channel – natural marriage of extreme species worthiness to visit settled close to Rovinj
  • National Park Brijuni islands
  • Pula
  • Medulin – the well known tourist center and holiday resort
  • Peninsula cape as the large and protected natural area.

Boat trips

  • With the Catamaran “Prince of Venice” you can make a daily trip to Venice. Prices are: 65 € per person; children 32.50 € (4 – 13.99 years old) and any farther information can be accessed at the time before arrival or at the time table.
  • At the Poreč port are organized all other interesting trips and ship excursions. An example, organized ship routes to the National Park Brijuni islands and after towards Rovinj
  • Very interesting, especially for children is the glass soil boat at the jetty settled on the island St. Nikola.

Specials; trip-tap for the rich experience daily route

  • Poreč has the Cove Baredine, natural cove treasuring the endemic specie amphibian.
  • After Višnjan, visit the Geno Park, where lives the cattle named Boskarin which is the authentic Istrian animal.
  • Farther going, when pass over the Groznjan you can go experience the old Istrian villages.
  • You can make trip over Zavrsje (Piemonte). That is a historical abandoned village…
  • Over Oprtalj the serpentine road lead you to the hill where is placed historical town Motovun.
  • Take highway after Visnjan and come to the starting point Poreč.
  • Interesting tourist places of the region Poreč are: Tar Vabriga, Cervar, Kastelir, Vizinada and more.

Accommodations in Porec

Hotels in Porec

in the bay of Plava Laguna

in the bay of Porec-Zelena Laguna

in the bay of Tar-Lanterna

in CervarPorat

Hotels in the town of Porec

in the center of Porec

in the district Porec-Spadici

in the district Porec-Borik

in the bay of PorecBrulo

on the island Island Sveti Nikola

Camping in Porec

Small camps in the region of Porec

Private accommodations in Porec

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>> More apartments in Porec can be found here.

Weather in Porec

Below you see the current weather forecast for Porec. The climate table of Porec tells you which temperatures can be expected for each month.

Current weather in Porec and a 7-day weather forecast for Porec


Climate in Porec

Climate in Porec
Max. Temperature
Min. Temperature
Hours of Sunshine
Rainy Days
Water temperature of the Adriatic Sea

Sports & leisure time in Porec

Poreč is a good location for water sports lovers, offering sailing school, diving centers, rent of bikes and scooters, jet skis and more. Water promenades and parks in Poreč are suitable for walking, running, recreating your body and soul.

  • Obala Marsala Tita: Is the main road where during the fishery festivities are offered the grilled fish, domestic wine or beer for everyone.
  • In addition, Obala Matka Lagine lies on the northwest and is the most peaceful place, which offers suitable beaches and other places for swimming.
  • The Olge Ban Park is another interesting place
  • The beautiful Gupca Park is the interesting place settled in the old town.
  • Dipping sports center Jedro in Porec Brulo
  • Diving center Zelena Laguna,
  • Sports club Lotosi,
  • Zelena Laguna, 52440 Poreč, Website, E-Mail o R.C.
  • Plava Laguna, Laguna b.b., 52440 Poreč, Website, E-Mail o Zeus Faber,
  • Lanterna Poreč, sports club Valeta, 52440 Poreč, Website, and E-Mail
  • Sport fishing: in the coastal region fishing is allowed. Best is from the boat! The most often Adriatic fishes are braces and see, as well as See bar and ink-fish.

Following clubs offer boat and fishing road routes:

  • sport fish association Zubatac, Ulica Rade Koncar
  • Club for sport fishing, Nikola Tesla
  • There are further sports centers in the Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon

Where to eat in Porec

Here is only a small selection of many good restaurants in Poreč:

  • Restaurant Age Caffe in Porec
  • Pizzeria Bijeli Sun in Porec
  • Pizzeria Nono in Porec traditionally:
  • Istarska Konoba in Buici
  • Restaurant Palma 5
  • Bistro Kantun “By Willi” in Poreč Špadići
  • Restaurant Špadići, for Gourmet
  • Restaurant Sofora in Porec
  • Restaurant Istra in Porec

Further restaurant recommendations for the lagoons see under:

  • Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon

Beaches in Porec

  • Porec-Borik

You can bath in the city Poreč on the Obala Laginje, but practically the entire coast is very suitable for swimming. The promontories form different beaches:

  • Poreč Špadići: Around the Srgulje bay are different bath hotels with sunbathing, sports sites or small Bungalows group themselves.
  • Poreč Borik: The beach Borik in the proximity of the hotels Pical and Zagreb, only 10 going minutes far away from Poreč. Here is also a small sandy beach.
  • Porec Brulo: The beach lies south of Poreč and mainly is visited by visitors of the large hotels Diamond, Kristal and Ruby. Edge of bathing Poreč/Borik – Stara Plaža Edge of bathing Poreč/Borik – Stara Plaža Children’s playground Borik Children’s playground Borik
  • With Porec Brulo begins the city beach with the blue flag. This concerns rocky beach with swimming plateaus and small gravel bays, which age-old pines of the enormous and beautiful park, is your place for enjoying.

At the beach there are several bars, restaurant, showers, toilets (Plumpsklo!), Beach chair rental business (20 Kuna on the day), water haven center Jedro.
Cheap beer and splinter piglet (65 Kuna) you will find in the restaurant Friedel in Poreč.

  • The Plava Laguna (The Blue Lagoon) northern, and the Zelena Laguna (the Green lagoon) south of Poreč is much maintained vacation districts with many sport possibilities and flattens rock beaches.

Blueflag beaches in Poreč

  • The beach Crnika – AC Lanterna: The two beaches are appropriate for 13 km on the peninsula Lanterna, north of Poreč. The 300 m long rock beach Crnika belongs to the apartment settlement Lanterna. Valeta is 200 m a long, public flint beach in a bay.
  • The beach Galeb – AC Solaris: very beautifully more convenient, 200 m long rock beach close of the camping site Solaris, likewise on the peninsula Lanterna.
  • The beach N.C. Ulika: on the peninsula convenient rocky beach with Cervar, with sumptuous mediterranean vegetation and oak forest – Porat, approx. 8 km north of Poreč.
  • The beach Hotela Laguna Materada: on a small peninsula convenient rocky beach in Porec Spadici, approx. 4 km von Poreč. The beach is also publicly accessible.
  • The beach Donji Spadici: rocky and flint city beach with swimming plateaus and couch surfaces, between 2 hotels convenient, approx. 2 km north of Poreč.
  • The beach Borik: Gravel and rocky beach lies within a holidays settlement at the northern outskirts of a town Poreč and is mainly visited from the guests of the nearby hotels.
  • The beach Gradsko Kupaliste (city beach): The capital beach of Poreč is 1.3 km long and lies in a southern suburb between the Marina and the holiday center Brulo, approx. 1 km of the center.
  • The beach Brulo: The rocky beach surrounded by pine, cypress and oak forest is on the southern outskirts of a town Poreč. Part of the beach is covered with grass.
  • The beach H.N. Bellevue: 250 meters long rocky beach with swimming plateaus, beautiful situation in the blue lagoon on the Brulo peninsula, approx. 2 km of the city centre.
  • The beach of the hotel Galijot:
  • The beach of the hotel Parentium: on a small peninsula with the convenient rocky beach.
  • The beach of the hotel PC Lotosi: flat rocky beach with swimming plateaus and a number of pre-historic small islands.
  • The beach A/C Zelena Laguna: flat rocky beach with FKK section.
  • The beach Oliva: Public gravel and rocky beach on the island Sveti Nikola, near the hotel Fortuna. * The beach of the hotel Delfin: flat rocky beach with swimming plateaus.

Nightlife and entertaining in Porec

Poreč is very suitable for young people; this is definitely the best town if you are looking for fun. Head for places like Altercafé or Colonia, Comitium, Dvi Murve, Istra, Lapidarium, Peterokutna Kula, Pizzeria Dalí, Torre Rotunda or Ulixes. There are internet cafés like Cyberm@c in Grahalica 1 and the bus station is located just outside the core of the city, which is perfect for back packers.

The largest Disco is the club International (opened from April to in the middle of Septembers), which is in the Zelena Laguna.

  • A further popular Disco is the club Plava in the Plava Laguna (opened till the end of Septembers).
  • Popular Beachclubs is the “Mansion club” and the screen bar of “Colonia Julia Parentium” (opened to at the beginning of Septembers) in the proximity of the port direction Brulo at the town Promenade.
  • The most suitable for youth is the bar “old Time” as well as the Cocktail bar “Comitium” (live music), both settled at the Trg Marafor.
  • Within the native ones is the “Caffe bar Ciak”.
  • In address for young people is the modern caffee bar “Dali” at the port under the hotel Poreč.
  • Another large Disco is the club Margarita (opened form spring ’till the end of August) settled in Funtana at the main street direction Vrsar.
  • Note: In many travel guides the Discothek “Capitol” is, however for the past few years no more Disco, but a night club and grants only men inlet!

Cultural arrangements in Porec

  • In the summer, Porec hosts interesting meetings each day. You should be informed about current meetings.
  • Day of the city Poreč: City holiday on 30th April in Poreč with a multiplicity of sport meetings and maintenance of future programs
  • Mandalenjina: People celebration and religious celebration in honors of the holy Magdalena in Visnjan on last Sunday in July
  • Rokova: Traditional people celebration and religious celebration on the occasion of the holiday Sveti Rok, the patron of the place, in new facts is on 16th August
  • Mavrova: Religious celebration in the churches, as well as people celebrations on 21st November in Poreč. Society plays and a various entertaining programs on the Liberty piazza in the time of the town’s patron St. Mauro.

Videos of Porec

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