Palace of Diocletian

Rauterot.jpg Palace of Diocletian UNESCO.jpg
UNESCO-World Heritage 1979
UNESCO-No. 0097
Criterion Culture 2-3-4
Origin 3./4. Century AD
Region Central Dalmatia
Place Split (Centre)

The Palace of Diocletian ist standing in the area of the historic centre of Split near by the Adria.

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At the crossing of Kresimirova (west-east) and Dioklecijanova (north-south) lies southern the Peristyl. At the eastside of Peristyl stands the building of Cathedral Sveti Duje with their magnificant clocktower. Across from Peristyl turn of a way to the Temple of Jupiter. Turn off to the south, stairs go down through the arch or upstairs to the dome Vestib├╝l.

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